Who is FlightStats

FlightStats provides data services and solutions to customers serving the global travel industry. The company has established a leadership position as a provider of real-time global flight information, servicing airlines, airports, travel agencies, developers, consumers, and more.
The company delivers global flight data and airport data that powers many of the world’s most popular travel applications. The company also provides web and mobile applications to the FlightStats community, helping travelers to better manage their travel day. FlightStats’ data is viewed by millions of people each month, and the company is constantly evolving to offer the best worldwide communication and tracking services to travelers, including the airlines, agencies and developers who serve them.

Our Platform

Everything we do at FlightStats is built upon our data. We are a leading publisher of real-time global flight and airport information, and our data is used by millions of travelers and thousands of businesses around the world.
Our data is distinguished by its completeness, accuracy, and timeliness. We are a leader in flight tracking and  coverage, as we collect flight and airport information from over 500 sources globally . We thoroughly vet the data during processing so we can ensure quality. The inconsistencies and number of errors reported in the data is shocking.t.  We are continually monitoring our data sources so we are aware of all updates the minute they happen. Patching this information together is expensive and challenging, and modeling what has happened – and what should happen – is even more challenging. We are continually investing in our data  and our data platform to ensure we’re at the information forefront.

Our Services

Although platform is the starting point, we realize that content doesn’t have much value if it cannot easily reach the traveler.

  • Data Services – Our data services enable us to serve virtually all travel verticals, as well as to power our own solutions.
  • Trip Solutions – FlightStats provides trip-based solutions that strengthen agencies, airlines, and other organizations customer’s experience.
  • Analytics & Dashboards – FlightStats Analytics is a collection of analytical visualizations built using FlightStats Platform to deliver airport, airline and route benchmarking and performance insight to the analyst working for the world’s top airlines and airports.
  • Web & Mobile – FlightStats’ suite of mobile and web apps keep travelers in the know at all times and are designed to keep travelers informed via the apps of their choice.

Our History

We started selling flight status information via APIs in 2005, however our roots in travel actually extend much further back. Our predecessor company was responsible for the BookSmart booking engine that powered many of the original airline Internet booking sites, so we’re quite familiar with the needs of airlines and travel agencies. After our predecessor company was sold, we started a new company focused on the needs of airfreight. During the product development process, we searched for a single source of global flight status information, and we struck out. But we also found an opportunity, which led us to where we are today. We’ve taken data that was once considered an afterthought, and we’ve made it the centerpiece of the travel experience.