Make Informed Air-logistic Choices

Expedited air freight requires the most accurate flight and truck schedules information, the most complete routing intelligence and the best air freight shipment visibility. Air freight forwarders need affordable and effective information technology built to improve their margins and efficiency.

Schedules Services

As part of our legacy Pathfinder product, we offer three flight schedule services to the airfreight community:

  • Timetables – This service returns raw timetable records for a request. Extensive filters are provided to limit results by valid date ranges, equipment type, carrier, time of day, day of week, etc.
  • Direct Flight Schedules – Direct flight schedule lookup provides a fast and cost effective means to search for direct flights over a specified time range. Extensive filters are provided for this service as well.
  • Dynamic Router – This service returns direct and connecting flights between origin and destination airports based on a variety of parameters and filters. Users can control the weighted parameters and filters to dynamically influence the result set. Our routing engine “weighs” those factors and filters flights according to settings. The resulting flight list includes a “score” for each route, with a higher score indicating a route that better matches the users needs relative to other alternatives.


Pathfinder-Web was developed to meet the needs of airfreight forwarders who need reliable flight schedules, and the ability to access those schedules quickly via a web-based solution. Pathfinder-Web has been in service for many years and is used by dozens of airfreight forwarders as their alternative to printed schedules.