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Flights slowly resume, but finding seats is tricky

USA TodayUSA Today – Airlines are starting to put planes in the skies on the East Coast, but passengers from 15,773 canceled flights over the last few days may have trouble finding a seat on one of them.


Hurricane Sandy Deals A Body Blow To Air Travel

ForbesForbes – The aviation world is used to cleaning up the delays their schedules that result from bad storms. But in the case of New York‘s major airports, an actual clean up from Hurricane Sandy is needed before they can reopen.


Hurricane Sandy prompts flight delays, cancellations at LAX

LosAngelesTimesLos Angeles Times – About 130 flights have been canceled out of Los Angeles International Airport as Hurricane Sandy hammered the Eastern Seaboard, airport officials said Monday.

Officials warned that additional flights could be affected by the super storm, which was expected to force more than 60 of those cancellations Monday. The others came Sunday.

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Travel halted around New England; 90 percent of Logan flights canceled

Boston GlobeThe Boston Globe – Travel ground to a halt in New England Monday and was expected to do so for much of Tuesday as Hurricane Sandy lashed the Eastern Seaboard with driving rain and powerful winds, bringing travel by plane, train, bus, and boat to a standstill.


Frankenstorm Strandings: Travelers Can Only Wait Out Sandy

WallStreetJournalWall Street Journal – Travelers grounded by the massive East Coast storm have few options since airlines move planes out of the path of the storm and will stay away until the skies clear.