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Gulf Air Named Region’s Most Punctual Carrier

NewBusinessEthiopiaNew Business Ethiopia – Latest statistics published by FlightStats Data, a provider of flight information services, revealed Bahrain’s national carrier, Gulf Air, to be the region’s most punctual full service carrier for the first six months of 2013. The data confirmed the airline’s average OTP for its flight arrivals in the first two quarters of the year to be above 90%.


SAA named world’s most on-time airline

SouthAfricaInfoSouthAfrica.Info – South African Airways (SAA) is the most on-time airline in the world, according to the June 2013 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report by global flight and airport information services company FlightStats.


China’s Unfriendly Skies

Roads and KingdomsRoads and Kingdoms – There’s a mural that wraps itself around the rim of the yurt-style dome that forms the arrival and departure halls of the shiny new Dongsheng Airport, which serves Ordos in Inner Mongolia.

In glorious color it traces the story of Genghis Khan, the man who emerged from the steppes (which still surround the terminal), and conquered most of what was the known world back in 1200s.

Chinese Flight Attendants Pray to Make Plane Go Faster

EpochTimesEpoch Times – A photo of two female flight attendants praying for their plane to be on time has been circulating online, following a recent U.S. company report that named Beijing as having the world’s most delayed flights.

Heads bowed, kneeling before an improvised altar—a food trolley covered by two red napkins—two female flight attendants conjoined their hands in front of a poster with two embroidered Chinese characters, 正点 (pronounced zhen dian), meaning “be on time.”

China ‘suffers worst flight delays’

BBCNewsBBC News – China’s major airports have the worst flight delays in the world, a report from travel industry monitor FlightStats says.

According to figures from around the world in June, Beijing and Shanghai airports came bottom for on-time flights, the US-based firm said.