The FlightStats On-time Performance Service (OPS) Awards have recognized airlines and airports around the world that deliver the highest percentage of flights to their arrival gates within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time. Each year FlightStats makes changes to the awards program to recognize operational excellence in air travel around the globe. This year the awards are focusing on airlines exclusively and we are highlighting more regions, networks, and alliances across the world. To determine the finalists and winners, FlightStats examines flight status and arrival data aggregated from global sources including civil aviation authorities, airlines, airports, and major airline reservation systems.

Interactive Analysis Tool

This year we are happy to present an interactive tool that allows you to see the data behind the awards. The tool is available here.


2014 On-time Performance Service Awards Winners

For an airline to be considered within an awards category certain requirements must be met. These requirements include the total annual scheduled passenger flights, the geographical nature of their route network and the degree to which FlightStats is able to acquire flight status data. For all of the categories, the flight status coverage requirement is 90% of the airlines scheduled flights, unless otherwise noted. Winners and finalists within each category are listed below.

To see the on-time performance for an individual airline, place your mouse over the airline’s logo.

Major International Airlines

For the Major International Airlines category FlightStats analyzed the on-time arrival performance of the largest airlines in the world based on Available Seat Miles. In addition, each airline was required to have more than 1,000 scheduled flights to 3 or more geographical regions. A tracking coverage threshold of 90% was used to limit the analysis to carriers where FlightStats had comprehensive historical data in 2014. In all, 31 airlines representing approximately 7.6 million flights met the criteria and were included in the analysis. The top 10 performers are listed in the table below, ranked by on-time arrival performance.

Airline Alliance

Alliances provide a network of connectivity and convenience for international passengers and international packages. Alliances also provide convenient marketing branding to facilitate travelers making inter-airline codeshare connections within countries. This award evaluates the cumulative on-time performance of all the airlines that operate within each of the three airline alliances.

North America Major Airlines

The North America Major Airlines category is comprised of the 10 major carriers in North America operating 4.9 million flights in 2014. A tracking threshold of 90% was a requirement. Note that mid-size and regional airlines are not included in this category. The following table is a list of the top 10 airlines in North America, ranked by on-time arrival performance.

Europe Major Airlines

The Europe Major Airlines category is comprised of the top 10 major carriers in Europe operating nearly 2 million flights in 2014. A tracking threshold of 90% was a requirement. The table below includes the top 10 airlines in this category, ranked by on-time arrival performance.

Asia-Pacific Major Airlines

A total of 17 airlines operating just over 2.9 million flights in 2014 were analyzed for the Asia-Pacific Major Airlines category. A tracking coverage of 90% was required for an airline to be considered for an award in this category. FlightStats continues to improve its data coverage and accuracy in Asia, especially in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, where our coverage exceeded 90% in 2014. Improving Asian coverage remains a priority for FlightStats, and we will continue to work with key partners to provide visibility into this important region.

Middle East & Africa Major Airlines

This category includes major airlines from the Middle East and Africa regions and includes 10 carriers that operated just over 1 million flights in 2014. Since data tracking coverage in these regions is a bit more challenging than elsewhere in the world, the threshold was lowered to just under 80%. The table below lists the top 10 airlines ranked by on-time arrival performance. *Flight status coverage threshold set at 80%.

Latin America Major Airlines

FlightStats data tracking coverage in Latin America is more limited than in most other geographies resulting in a shorter list of major carriers. In addition, the tracking threshold was set to 70%. The top 7 airlines meeting the criteria operated just under 1.2 million flights in 2014. The results are listed in the table below sorted by on-time arrival performance. *Flight status coverage threshold set at 70%

Low-Cost Airlines

FlightStats tracks the on-time performance of many of the world’s largest low cost carriers and, therefore, has included an LCC category this year. A tracking threshold of 90% was used for this category. Note that one of the world’s largest LCCs, Ryanair, is not included due to insufficient data tracking coverage. This is unfortunate since, based on the available data, it appeared to do very well and we hope to include them in the future.