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What Our Customers are Saying

"FlightStats' unique peformance ratings have enhanced the value of our travel search site. When customers have access beyond price, schedule, and availability to something as valuable as FlightStats, they can find the best travel value."

Brett Snyder, Business Director, Travel

"The FlightStats contribution was tremendous for our transportation management team. Guest scheduling data (which was a huge source of headaches in Athens '04) was a non-issue here in Torino. Many thanks to you and your development team."

Mark Banga, Senior Project Manager
Sport and Sponsorship Division
Exposoft Solutions Inc.

"We were staggered by the possibilities of the FlightStats system for the travel industry. We developed a SMS notification system that can be integrated into online travel agents booking engines. This way, booking agents can increase customer service levels and create additional revenue per booking. It has been one of the smoothest integration projects we have ever laid our hands on. It is amazing how easy the system works, especially when one considers the vast amount of complex data it contains."

Jeroen van Velzen, Commercial Director
The Sound of Data