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Airlines of the World: Names Beginning with the Letter G

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Flight Stats Code Name Type IATA Code ICAO Code
GMA Gama Aviation I GMA
GBQ Gambia Bird I 3G GBQ
GA Garuda Indonesia I GA GIA
4G Gazpromavia I 4G GZP
A9 Georgian Airways I A9 TGZ
4L Georgian International Airlines I 4L GIL
GHY German Sky Airlines A GHY
ST Germania A ST GMI
GI* Germania Express J GI GMQ
4U Germanwings A 4U GWI
GP* Gestair A G5 GES
0G Ghadames Air I G6 GHT
5S Global Aviation Services C 5S GAK
GBG Global Jet B 7G GBG
SVW Global Jet Luxembourg I SVW
GSS Global Supply Systems C XH GSS
GH Globus J GH GLP
G8 GoAir A G8 GOW
G7 GoJet Airlines I G7 GJS
G3 Gol I G3 GLO
Y5* Golden Myanmar Airlines I Y5 GMR
QUE Gouvernement Du Quebec B QUE
CN Grand China Air I CN GDC
GV Grant Aviation A GV GUN
ZK Great Lakes Airlines I ZK GLA
HTG Grossman Air Service I HTG
GOZ Groznyy Avia A ZG GOZ
6P Gryphon Airlines I 6P GRF
G2* Guinea Lineas Aereas A G2
GF Gulf Air I GF GFA