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Airlines of the World: Names Beginning with the Letter M

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Flight Stats Code Name Type IATA Code ICAO Code
7B* MASwings A 7B MWG
MEG MEGA Maldives Airlines I LV MEG
MHV MHS Aviation A M2 MHV
MB MNG Airlines C MB MNB
VM Macair Jet A VM MCJ
MDH Madina Air C 3Y MDH
GMT Magnicharters A GMT
W5 Mahan Air I W5 IRM
M2 Mahfooz Aviation A MZS
KDS Makani Kai Air B KDS
3W* Malawian Airlines I 3W
MH Malaysia Airlines I MH MAS
Q2 Maldivian I Q2 DQA
Z8 Mali Airways A Z8
MXD Malindo Air I OD MXD
TF Malmo Aviation A TF SCW
AE Mandarin Airlines I AE MDA
7Y* Mann Yadanarpon Airlines I 7Y
KN* Maroomba Airlines I KN
6V Mars RK A 6V MRW
M7 Marsland Aviation A M7 MSL
MP Martinair I MP MPH
MRA Martinaire C MRA
MY MasAir C M7 MAA
9M* Massy Airlines J 9M MIH
MAU Mauritania Airlines International I L6 MAI
MAI Max Aviation A MAX
MYD Maya Island Air A MY MYD
VL* Med View Airlines I VL MEV
MDM Medavia J N5 MDM
JI* Meraj Air A JI
4X* Mercury World Cargo C 4X MEC
IG Meridiana I IG ISS
MEI Merlin Airways D MEI
MZ Merpati I MZ MNA
YV Mesa Airlines I YV ASH
BSK Miami Air International B LL BSK
OM Miat - Mongolian Airlines I OM MGL
7Y Mid Airlines I 7Y NYL
ME Middle East Airlines I ME MEA
MG Midex Airlines C MG MIX
MWA Midwest Airlines A WV MWA
MJ Mihin Lanka I MJ MLR
M2* Millon Express D M2
MNL MiniLiner D MNL
MAV Minoan Air A MAV
MSA Mistral Air C 7M MSA
MW Mokulele Airlines A MW MUL
2M Moldavian Airlines I 2M MDV
ZB Monarch Airlines I ZB MON
YM Montenegro Airlines I YM MGX
MAL Morningstar Air Express I MAL
3R Moskovia Airlines I 3R GAI
M9 Motor Sich Airlines I M9 MSI
NZM Mount Cook Airlines A NM NZM
MTN Mountain Air Cargo D C2 MTN
CCQ Mustang Aviation I CCQ
2Y* My Indo Airlines D 2Y
UB Myanma Airways I UB UBA
8M Myanmar Airways International I 8M MMA