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Airlines of the World: Names Beginning with the Letter P

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Flight Stats Code Name Type IATA Code ICAO Code
5P PAL Airlines I 5P PCP
2P PAL Express I 2P GAP
JIA PSA Airlines A JIA
6D PT. Pelita Air I 6D PAS
PE* Pacific Air Express C PE PAQ
3F Pacific Airways I 3F
8P Pacific Coastal Airlines A 8P PCO
LW Pacific Wings I LW NMI
RCY Package Express, Inc. C RCY
PK Pakistan International Airlines I PK PIA
PAU Palau Airways I P7 PAU
5F* Pan African Airways I 5F ODM
7Q Pan American Dominicana I 7Y PWD
GP Pantanal Linhas Aereas A GP PTN
HI Papillon Airways A HI
ATM Par Avion Airlines A ATM
P6 Pascan Aviation I P6 PSC
P3 Passaredo I 2Z PTB
APJ Peach Aviation A MM APJ
PC Pegasus I PC PGT
PEV Peoples Viennaline A PE PEV
PAG Perimeter Aviation A YP PAG
P9 Peruvian Airlines I P9 PVN
PTR Petra Airlines I 9P PTR
PR Philippine Airlines I PR PAL
PQ Philippines AirAsia I PQ APG
PE Phoebus Apollo Aviation I PE PHB
VAP Phuket Air B VAP
PDT Piedmont Airlines A PDT
PO Polar Air Cargo C PO PAC
RKA Polar Airlines A PI RKA
PAO Polynesian Airlines I PAO
PD Porter Airlines I PD POE
NI Portugalia Airlines I NI PGA
PW Precision Air A PW PRF
3X* Premier Trans Aire C 3X
PWA Priester Aviation A PWA
PF Primera Air Scandinavia I PF PRI
PTG PrivatAir Germany B PTG
PTI PrivatAir Switzerland J PV PTI
FA Private Sky B FA HYR
8W Private Wings A 8W PWF
P6* Privilege Style J P6 PVG
P0 Proflight Zambia A P0 PFZ
Z3 Promech Air A Z3
WEW Pronto Airways A WEW
PB Provincial Airlines I PB SPR
PSW Pskovavia I PSW
P1 A P1
EB Pullmantur Air I EB PLM
ZR Punto Azul A ZR