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Get Detailed Airport Information From FlightStats

FlightStats provides detailed information on over 13,000 airports world-wide. You can use our Airport Information application to retrieve vital information on any airport that you plan to use in your travels including:

  • Current airport delay information
  • Flight status on arriving and departing flights
  • Current weather conditions
  • On-time performance scorecard
  • Airport user ratings

Simply type in the airport name or 3-letter code if you know it and click on the "Search" button to get started.

Airport Information FAQ

What does the airport delay index mean?
The delay index is a forecast of departure disruption at the airport. Specifically, it represents a score of the short-term, on-time, departure performance at an airport adjusted for delay severity and cancellations.

How do you calculate the delay index?
We measure delays and cancellations that have occurred at the airport over the last 2 hours and factor in schedule changes for flights departing within the upcoming hour to calculate delay index on a scale from 0 (very low or no delays) to 5 (severe disruptions to departing flights).

How often is a delay index updated?
We update the delay index every 30 minutes to keep the information current.

When should I check the airport delay index?
It's wise to check it starting 3-4 hours before your departure (or sooner) and every 30 minutes until you leave for the airport. If the delay index is high, you should check to see if your flight is affected and adjust your timing for your trip to the airport accordingly.

Is your flight status information accurate or should I check with my airline?
There are many factors that can affect a flight while it's in the air. Weather, air traffic control directives, congestion on the taxi-ways and more. The arrival times we publish are estimates based upon the best information we can obtain. We update that information each minute. We can't guarantee the accuracy of the information. But our estimates are rarely off by more than a few minutes.

Where do you get your flight status information?
We aggregate flight status information from a variety of sources and have a sophisticated set of business rules the help us sort out any inconsistencies among the data sources before we publish a result. The sources include government agencies such as the US FAA, reservation systems including Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo and Galileo, and direct feeds from many airlines and airports.

If I'm meeting a flight, can you send status updates to my mobile phone?
Yes, you can sign up for flight alerts and receive them by email or as a text message to your mobile phone. You must be a registered user. Registration is free.

What's the best way to use the on-time performance scorecard information?
The scorecard gives you a basis for comparing airports. So if you're planning to fly into London, New York, Paris or any other city where you can choose among two or more arrival airports, you can get a good idea which one is most likely to help you arrive on time. Paris Orly, for example, has a much better on-time performance record than Paris Charles de Gaulle.