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jaccarin 08-26-2014 12:12 AM International Flight Schedule limited. Limited lounge facilities on departure side of international gate. However, very user friendly and efficient. 07-8-2014 12:50 PM A well run and efficient airport
jrc2016 04-12-2013 7:06 AM This airport is the city center! Long walk from one end of the terminal to the other!
aniapuzio01 08-6-2011 11:41 PM was too small to start with - even during planning stage; one gets wet if it rains both getting out of the taxi/car and trying to get into your car; regional travellers get badly wet and have to walk a long way when arriving; it is a one very long airport with too few travelators that often don't work anyway; very poor PA system!
domma31 07-13-2011 5:42 AM easiest airport ever, even better when they finish the extra parking
blitzco 12-7-2010 4:54 AM New, clean and close to town. Parking only problem
woolly94 01-28-2010 8:03 AM Great Airport
Ania Puzio 10-4-2009 12:17 PM Very unsafe design of the airport regarding taxi and pick up area - BAD ACCIDENT JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN! I have witnessed number of near misses Airport was already too small when opened and there is no room to grow! The whole project did not show any vision for the future Bad design or simply lack of care for the regional customers, Shocking parking.
railways 01-23-2008 9:09 AM A rail link would be preferable, but the public bus is frequent and cheap.
phillet 10-3-2007 5:57 AM Great airport but the parking arrangement sucks!
kiwioz 03-28-2007 8:20 AM first time back after being over seas for quite a while, pleasure to see Adl finally got its act together. Very much improved from the old daggy international terminal as well as the old domestic terminal. Kiwioz