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gingersnaps 01-22-2014 23:10 VASTLY improved airport. I flew out of here for years and the new construction is a welcome change from the dirty, small, overwhelmed mess of an airport. Of course it means longer distances between gates, but that's the trade off when transforming a cow town airport to a world class one.
srunte 04-28-2013 04:21 Better and Better. 02-14-2013 12:53 Malaga is a nice new airport but I have only one complaint - distances: the amount of walking between arrivals and baggage reclaim, between baggage reclaim and the exit, and between departure security and the B gates. The latter is especially annoying because the moving floors rarely work. 09-30-2012 07:24 With two departure terminals things can be challenging. For flight U2 6052 arrive at T3 (new one), walk back to check-in at T2 (old one), then back to T3 to pass through security. Wait in T3 until flight is called and then back to T2 for boarding gate. Fun.
AntonioMorenoCruz 04-16-2012 15:27 Nice design , Moderm and confortable. One of the moderms and nicest airports in Europe.
arlequino 08-4-2011 09:38 Wonderful terminal. Wonderful city.
parras 08-2-2010 12:30 Es un aeropuerto totalmente remodelado, con unas prestaciones muy buenas, un diseño fantástico y muy fácil de recorrer.Tiene unos accesos muy cómodos que serán perfectos cuando se ultimen las obras en marcha.
jokamac 07-31-2010 13:30 Poor signage and long walks through new terminal to security and flights if you are leaving from the old terminal
dominosafety 07-13-2010 11:48 The new (incomplete) 3rd terminal has caused more problems than necessary. Worst is the long walk from T3 dropoff down to T2 book-in then back to T3 to get to airside then back again to T2. Not a happy situation for elderly, infirm or those with kids - i.e. most travellers.
lynhk 07-3-2010 16:54 Happy with airport on the whole, but most UNHAPPY with the fact that there is no pick-up area for arriving passengers, and a very long walk to and from the parking areas when you meet passengers.
MKY661 05-26-2010 19:07 THIS IS MY FAVOURITE AIRPORT!! I have been here twelve times and recently been in to see the new terminal. Sad that the fish and the places on the wall have gone, but hey, the airport is still just as good. A little tip from me for those going from Malaga Airport: Pier B is for flights to non-european destinations and flights to the UK and Ireland Pier C is for flights to non-schengen destinations and flights to the UK and Ireland Pier D is for flights to schengen destinations (flights to the UK and Ireland use Pier C more than Pier B)
eskippy 05-11-2010 14:45 The new terminal is now open. It is fantastic. Beautiful to look at, and great to use. They are building a second runway for even greater benefits.
rbear59 03-16-2008 13:22 there may be plenty of parking, but it is not easy to find your way through to the terminal. Then it can be along way to check in, whilst the security is back in the main hall. I thought that we would miss the flight. Allow plenty of time to get to the terminal, the road works outside meant queues of more than 1.5 km. i hope this will improve when it finally is complete.
JockinSpain 12-19-2007 10:39 New car parking now open, but new pay points suffering faults, pay in the Main Terminal BEFORE proceeding to the new covered car park. If picking up, do not get in a confruntation with the taxi drivers!
jerseyfinn 07-28-2007 16:58 AGP is an older airport & a bit dirty & rough around the edges. New construction will gradually fix this. Still, we've had good experiences the 2-3 times a year we transit here. Bags usually on the belt within 15 minutes of hitting the gate. Can't say that the access roads/infrastructure is great, but you manage since you're here for the sun of Costa del Sol
airbusa320 07-16-2007 15:35 Great Airline Great Staff
gymm 02-18-2007 17:10 Currently undergpoing building work(new terminal) roads rather chaotic around, especially car rental returns area, allow extra time during peak times.