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agreenkent 10-20-2010 3:06 PM I flew only once through this airport, it was so horrible, that the next time I took a ride to Bishkek and flew from there. However Manas airport wasn't better but I could avoid those corrupted faces, at least. They always try to find some problem so that they get something, preferably cash. Try to avoid this airport, and they play their tricks when there isn't much time left for your flight.
dgrier001 01-6-2008 10:48 AM The main problem here starts at check in, you are not permitted into the check in area until 2 -3 hours before your flight (international) and even less before domestic flights. Before this there is a great lack of space to wait, one small cafe and a couple of small stores. When you are permitted through to check in, usually there is chaos, with passengers crowding in with those seeing people off. There generally seems to be only 2-3 desks open / flight, meaning long lines. once you check in, also there is not too much to do, small cafes near the gates. You can smoke here, so this is good for smokers!
bpullon 10-7-2007 7:20 AM This is quite possibly one of the two worst airports I have ever traveled through...beware the officials that check your passport and the slip you have in your passport from the time you arrive. This latter slip often disappears between them checking and you trying to leave...meaning a huge fine that varies in cost depending on how much cash you have. I have left Almaty seven times now--only once have I not been 'fined' for one inexplicable thing or other, with one time being accompanied to the cash machine and instructed about withdrawal amounts. No wonder the one facility the airport does have is ATMs - Kazakhstan has to be one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.