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MohammedAmeer 04-26-2013 8:48 AM This is my home airport and one of the best airports in the world also I can't wait to see our new terminal
z.nisheiwat 08-2-2011 4:16 AM One of the best airports in the world ! :)
ewerr 09-12-2010 12:07 PM 1) too many luggage carry boys competing to carry your luggage. 2) restaurants and coffee shops are over priced 3) no free internet connection 4) rest rooms are a nightmare 5) Every bag is examined , there should be a green and red line and customs should do random checks. 6) Duty free is over priced
waleedb 12-21-2009 11:03 AM The customer service at this airport is a nightmare!! I lost my bags and the lady at the baggage desk could care less. They just told you what you wanted to hear so they could tell the person after you what they wanted to hear so they could get everyone out of the airport! When they lose your bags, you have to call every 6 hours in hopes someone answers that is a manager as every time I call I get a different answer about where my bag is. It is a nightmare to say the best!!
yazan_91 01-21-2008 5:21 AM I must admit this airport is very old. But after traveling through it many times i must say that improvements are being made everyday to make the airport slightly better. It was also confirmed earlier this year the a new terminal will be built by 2010, which i personally cant wait to see. For images of the expansion use-
waterinthedesert 06-10-2007 6:21 PM The airport is fine in my opinion, but I did have a couple issues. First, there are two terminals on either side of the road, and it is not really clear which one you should go into. There should be better signs. Security was a mess - understaffed with long lines. A seemingly incompetent guard told about 5 men to go into the ladies-only line (the pat down search) for no apparent reason. Once there, the group was told to get back into the regular line, and of course had to go to the end. Food service is not all that great. Also, I did not appreciate having to sit outside my gate waiting area before it was opened for about 20 minutes before flight boarding. What sense is that? Is it to have you continue shopping in the duty free stores? On the bright side, getting to and from the airport is not difficult. Taxi fares are quite reasonable, and there is also a Royal Jordanian terminal at 7th Circle in the city of Amman, which is very convenient for dropping off your luggage, getting your boarding pass, and taking a mere 2JD bus to the airport. The airport is also well connected internationally, so you can easily get where you're going. There are also amble currency exchange shops.