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FrankJambiani 09-13-2014 6:13 AM OK airport, but everything is way too expensive.
arjenwestra 04-23-2013 4:33 AM This is how an airport should be.... Excellent.
jppignol 12-29-2012 6:50 PM The best ever, since so many years and always surprising. A city in the town and I frequently re-route to this so reliable airport.
adewael 12-5-2012 5:18 AM Overall good airport with very clear indication and mostly a short walk to get to your gate or transfer (except if you transfer from an Intercontinental flight to a Schengen flight leaving iat a B gate). Plenty of dining/drinking opportunities and other distractions to keep you busy when waiting. Downside is for sure the system of security checks at the gate in the non-Schengen area leading to sometimes long queus at the gate (plus side is that you sometimes can still get the flight if you're delayed with the incoming flight). Last time our flight was delayed by 45min because they started screening way to late and the last passenger got on board 30min after departure time. And as this airport is located in the Netherlands the service is typical Dutch, they speak well English but lack a sense of service mindedness. All profesional executed but without the little surprise and delight aspect that makes for a rememberable experience.
jackbtuba 11-18-2012 4:56 AM AMS is the worst airport we have been subjected to for lack of service for people needing wheelchair or cart service help. On arrival we waited 2 hour to be taken to baggage retrieval, and then just dumped there. Our flight was no longer listed, so I had to first find the luggage location without any help. Then we tried to get help to get to the car rental. After another long wait, we decided to walk. No other airport has treated us this rudely. We almost missed our return flight because of the same lack of decent service.
Enigmatic Axiom 11-3-2012 6:25 AM One of the best if not THE BEST airports on this planet!
sontex 09-16-2012 2:23 PM One of the best
GRBWebster 07-5-2012 5:27 PM Security screening entering the departure lounge for flights to Canada (Vancouver) is intolerable, especially for travellers who have already been screened several times on connecting flights and already within the Schiphol Airport. The current measures (specifically on June 27, 2012 prior to KLM 681) simply generate a planeload of pissed-off passengers, making the task of the on-board flight attendants much more challenging than necessary. The incremental improvement in security is likely vanishingly small. Please return to the policy of making air travel a pleasant experience (as it was flying the other way - KLM 680 on June 4 from Vancouver to Amsterdam). KLM doesn't need the frustration; your passengers don't need the hassle, and overall security is not enhanced. Passengers don't like being repeatedly treated like so many cattle.
lblis 06-29-2012 12:04 AM Most everyone speaks English. Overall efficient airport but very sprawling. I'm confused by the signs that say "Transfer."
wwwilkie 05-24-2012 7:50 PM A little disappointed with AMS. It has some great amenities such as the hotel, a good number of diverse dining options, and the KLM lounge was decent. However the shopping was seriously lacking. Almost all of the shopping was limited to the "see, buy, fly" shops. The prices were high and the variety was poor in my opinion.
jwaldronrn 09-8-2011 7:44 PM Probably the best European gateway with excellent regional air connections and convenient train acess below the airport. No airport is perfect but it beat the heck out of LHR,CDG or FRA.
andym4711 12-29-2010 10:00 PM just ok
cjtan 12-2-2010 8:14 PM Good airport, but it is not as good as some reviewers seem to claim it to be.
rvdbijl 11-3-2010 10:16 AM I work at Schiphol Airport, South/ East, and almost everyday in terminal also. Believe Schiphol is on all fronts the best! Compared to other European airports for sure. Unbeliefable? Come visit and find out yourself!
kriswil 08-13-2010 10:52 AM Schiphol keeps ranking high on my airport list. Eventhough some Dutch people jokingly refer to it as the only construction site with its own airport, there is ample room, clean and well maintained facilities and a lot to do while you wait for your flight.
JournalistNL 07-12-2010 5:37 PM As Dutch and born in Amsterdam I like to be proud of my country but ashamed of the Amsterdam airport. It seems they like to milk each traveler's money! Very expensive!!! So better bring your own water! Free shop is mostly more expensive than a ordinary shop in Holland! NO FREE WIFI Internet! that is most very shameful as the airport has a secret contract with T-mobile and you don't want to know the price of 30 minutes internet access. First airport were there is no free internet. Parking is almost the same price as a cheap ticket!
wester10 02-17-2010 9:13 PM It's the best!
gevik81 01-17-2010 3:35 PM It's a big friendly airport. If you consider the challanges a modern airport is faced everyday, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is doing an excellent job.
bjnibbe 12-25-2009 8:24 AM Best airport in Europe, no doubt in my mind. I love Schipol airport. A great place to wait for a connecting flight.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:08 PM Angry Business Traveller:
Maaniemi 06-28-2009 12:49 PM ...and 2 hours circling above, 15 minutes taxiing, 4 miles walking - who wants that?
s88su22gloa99s 06-11-2009 5:50 PM Easily THE best european airport. You could forget you're at an airport if it weren't for the announcements. Very clean airport, especially restrooms. Excellent public transport connections. Only downside: The airport fees are very high, so flights tend to be a bit more expensive via AMS, but it's still worth it.
BonjourEurope 06-6-2009 4:51 AM Le meillieur des grand aeroports d'europe!
jcsjcsjcs 06-6-2009 4:19 AM Best main-hub airport in Europe! Large but still compact, many shops Beats grey and smelly Frankfurt, messy Heathrow or Paris anarchy
kostkar 01-23-2009 4:42 PM Fantastic airport by all means. But passengers might want to spend some time searching about transport to and from it, as the Dutch means of transportation might be efficient but litlle expensive for the average European standards.
wizbang_fl 01-15-2009 7:18 PM Amsterdam Schipol Airport is located about a 20 minute regional rail ride from downtown Amsterdam. This is the easiest way to get to downtown and regular trains make it a breeze. Make sure to purchase tickets prior to boarding the train from machines. Look for the US flag for english translation of the screens (a real life saver if you don't know Dutch) Trolly's then can take you close to your hotel or you can pick up a taxi in town. Make sure to have EURO's prior to flying because it can be a maze to find the exchange when you first arrive.
kenbernet 08-17-2008 6:40 AM just a good airport.
scopie 06-27-2008 9:03 AM Very good airport, but always under construction!
Rob Landeweerd 06-21-2008 7:45 AM The best airport in the world, mainport for Europe. Very well equipped. Modern. Friendly staff. Clean. Nice shops, restaurants. Everyone speaks at least English and even more languages.
idiotking 04-28-2008 7:22 PM By FAR the best major connection hub in Europe -- blows LHR, CDG, and FRA away! A bit sprawling and uninspired in terms of the look and layout, but having everything under one roof, with many signs and well-staffed transfer desks, makes connecting and changing flights a breeze for such a big airport. My only issue was that they listed my flight as "boarding" over an hour before departure, when they were actually just letting people through the gate-side security thing... no actual boarding for another 45 minutes! Alas, I raced to get there and wait. Didn't have nearly enough time to enjoy the many shops and restaurants in the main hall... but I think that says quite a bit. Not often you wish you had more time IN an airport!
GraemeWilliamPatterson 04-22-2008 3:42 AM I always choose Schipol to transit through, and avoid Heathrow and Paris!
PaulS 04-6-2008 9:59 AM The best airport, huge but clean and very safe. A lot of (tax free) shopping. Perfect public transport
spockspot 03-29-2008 9:32 PM I think the comment of my dear 737 pilot is a bit silly. If one does not like the security at the airport, one dislikes the whole country. Come on! I think Schiphol is a airport which can have the security replaced by more representative people. But the rest of the airport is very nice. Besides that, it's only a airport. What a lovely country lies behind it. Sorry that a 737 pilot gets sick whenever he has to fly to it. Hope he will be stable enough to get through the next profcheck with this kind of depressions...
amsbobams 03-10-2008 9:58 PM by far the best is ams
marior 01-29-2008 1:43 PM Im surprised to read that the security staff is rude. I've been all over the world and in AMS are by far the nicest, they smile at you and ask with ''please' and 'thank you'. Not like in most of US airports that you feel you are bin laden himself...
marcelinoos 01-26-2008 8:03 PM Overpriced food and security handling are the only drawbacks. Other than that ít's a great airport compared the many others I've been to.
byggfukt 01-1-2008 8:08 PM One of the best i the world, easy to find everything. Good shooping, good cafe and restaurant. Relaxpoint is good. 6 our waiting on this airport is not wasted time.
ndekker 12-26-2007 6:49 AM If every airport was like this....
houtexan99 11-21-2007 3:11 PM One of the world's best airports in layout and amenities. Generally easy to get around and get trains to other destinations, including downtown. Not so pleasant when checking in for departing flights - too crowded and signage can be confusing. Lounges are too crowded too.
ctb11365 10-28-2007 5:47 AM Fasted connections thru the airport; the Dutch are quite good at getting you thru passport control and security and into the shopping areas! Once the TGV connection from Amsterdam to Brussels is FAST, it may make flying into Paris not necessary.
foxunichakilo 10-28-2007 8:17 PM huge airport give your self plenty of time.most things are closed at night.
KLMspotter 10-16-2007 2:13 PM great airport
eddyleo 10-2-2007 10:52 AM All these tiles, a big bathroom! I saw mice running all over the place!The tax free prices in the shops are higher than in town!don't be fooled. tax free is not duty free.
Evert van Dijk 09-15-2007 11:57 AM l don't understand the crictic by some fellow travellers? never been anywhere? On one item l agree; security staff can be rude.
737 Pilot 08-17-2007 2:32 PM As a pilot I am used to airport security without doubt AMS is the worst in the world, they are rude, unhelpful and aggressive to crew and AMS coming up on my roster makes my life a misery. If I never had to go there again it would be too soon, I used to like the Netherlands but my experience of AMS makes me hate the whole country.
mark-t 07-29-2007 4:44 PM The best airport in Europe, I'd fly there just to shop. A remarkable baggage handling system. The baggage actually arrives at the carousel before you do. Shopping is quite nice, and the cheese is wonderful. Airport staff is quite helpful.
snuri 06-17-2007 8:06 AM Have been to AMS five times. Checkin and security staff was one of the worst ever and got even worse each time I was there. Unbelievable, please - never never again AMS...
russianwarrior 06-8-2007 5:42 PM Gigantahuge airport but very easy to get around. Very efficient well run.
jochembakker 06-7-2007 6:10 AM One of the best airports I have seen. Clean, spacious, wide selection in shops and restaurants. Speedily baggage handling, usually within 5 minutes after arriving at the belt I am on my way already. Railway station is located inside the main airport building, taking you to all major destinations in the Netherlands. Do NOT take taxi's offered inside the terminals, go directly to the taxistand outside. Taxidrivers pandering rides inside the building will rip you off.
IC PLUS 06-4-2007 6:50 PM AMS is maybe one of the best airports which I visited. I waited here 9 hours for a connection, and I spend good time during the long wait. Good signals, very clean, comfortable seating areas, a lot of different kinds of restaurants (indonesian, thai, sushi, italian, ect). A lot of airports should learn from AMS, especially for one very simple feature: the signals must be clear for everyone! Well done AMS
varossf 04-26-2007 9:21 AM Visiting many airports in a year I still rate Schiphol Airport together with Changi Airport as the best 2 of the world.
maesydderwen 02-14-2007 10:54 PM Good airport but must improve if it is to compete with other world hunbs
dolphheideman 01-20-2007 3:32 PM excellent airport. wish there were more like this one
Olster99 01-6-2007 1:12 PM Some people have to realise that their is alot, lot worse than Amsterdam. Personally, I think the signage, wating times, econmy seating, friendly bi-lingual staff, shopping facilties, architecture are great! My local (uk) airports could learn alot from AMS!
di 01-2-2007 6:58 AM Very poor signage - badly lit - rude ground staff - poor design - cramped - dirty
akumar100 12-1-2006 6:00 AM There should be more lounges for the Economy class passengers as I'am sure they make up the bulk of the passangers travelling through Shipol.Or there should be a system whereby Economy passengers can pay exra to obtain good Lounge facilities.
itsme 11-30-2006 4:06 PM Good tax free shops.