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wwwilkie 08-3-2013 2:04 AM Nice airport, the rental cars are a little bit of a walk but it is connected to the terminal so you can avoid the elements.
hockeypuck 03-17-2012 1:16 AM Beautiful airport!
kramer1 02-16-2009 9:08 AM The stairs for older people coming off the planes is not a good thing!!!!!!!!! Just ask me!!!!!
cluth 03-15-2007 1:35 AM A good airport for the city size, but lacking amenities for the number of travelers (i.e. the extremely high number of tourists)--one casual dining restaurant (Chili's Too) and a couple of fast food restaurants (Quizno's and Burger King) along with a decent airport cafeteria. Only lounge is Alaska Airlines; no other business facilities or childrens' play rooms. Not very convenient for car rentals (confusing signage and long walks involved--this will change with the new rental facility garage) and not very well connected by public transportation (a once-per-hour bus and a cruise-line-only rail terminal, which may change in the far future). New terminal is nice, but the north terminal is not well-connected. Free public wireless Internet exists but is flaky.