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thrasos 09-5-2012 6:50 AM the best airport in europe
milialk 08-3-2012 6:15 PM I've traveled to Athens from Chicago on multiple occassions for business. I enjoyed my trips to Greece and decided to also vacation in Greece. The new Athens airport is great, clean, great signage, nice shops, bars and food. As a non smoker, I appreciated the effort installing closed glass smoking areas. Unlike other airports in Europe, in Athens' you cannot smell cigarette smoke. Great Job! I liked the convenience of connectivity to the islands. I vacation in Skiathos and I travel to the island via Aegean Airlines. I appreciated the free WiFi connectivity, the convenience of the business center AND most of all the pharmacy. My 5 year old daughter became ill during our flight to Athens from Chicago and then Frankfurt. We were able to find medical care and a pharmacist at the airport who provided us with temporary relief. Thank you Athens for your hospitality and care. Regards, Thomas Ville Chicago, IL, USA
Steven Stavridis 06-14-2010 11:55 PM Fantastic modernised airport, full of well placed shops and food outlets. Nice to see the extention of the terminal to link with the Aegean terminal to the South, coming along very well.
Namibalex 05-13-2010 9:37 PM a modern organized airport welcome to Hellas Greece
silkman9 03-28-2010 12:24 PM Ditto to what was said before on the bus/airbridges - cheap airlines prefer the bus due to lower costs. Also for some reason, some airlines disembark via airbridge on a second (empty) terminal and then you are hauled by bus to the main terminal which is pointless IMO. Used to have one of the fastest baggage claims ever, by the time you were at the baggage claim area it would happen that your flight's bags were already at the conveyor, still quite fast nowadays although you have to have one euro coins handy for the trolley. Duty free / shopping is not realy good but that's the case with all european airports nowadays selling overpriced cr@p compared to middle east / far east airports where many bargains can be had.
xazospolitis 01-5-2010 4:27 AM make sure you leave for the airport 10 hours before flight.
arturmeireles 12-4-2009 5:08 AM I flight a lot to Greece. I like the airport. Getting out of the plane is fast and luggage claiming is fast too. restroom are super small. Staff not friendly at all. There are nice restaurants to eat for all tastes and pockets. From Mc Donalds to Sbarro pizza and greek traditional coffee place which they have very good greek desserts. People that complained about taking a bus between the plane and the airport should know that depends do the airline you travel. I fly Iberia almost all the time and its expensive to park the plane in front of the gate so they rather use buses. But if you fly Lufthansa, Swiss, Air France or Aegean you will never get a bus to take u to the airport but thats the airport fault because they ask for too much money to park the airplane in front of the gate. Thats also one of the biggest issues in Lisbon airport. Can u imagine unloading a full A340-200 with buses?!? Take at least 30 minutes.
kostkar 01-23-2009 4:40 PM Hardly can I say anything bad about this airport. Except it can get rather stuffy in the shopping area. More view to the 'outside world of the airplanes' (i.e. more wind screens, observatories) is something I would definetely love \, but of course that's me. Overall I find it a great airport.
angelapovic 09-25-2008 5:48 AM the best service airport 09-20-2008 9:09 PM Sea-Tac is one of the best airports in the world. Beautiful architecture, EXCELLENT variety and quality of restaurants, and one of the airports that sees constant growth in passenger traffice. Also, they are adding a 3rd runway that will open on 11-20-08, which will make weather-related delays a thing of the past. EXCELLENT, BEAUTIFUL. Sea-Tac is GREAT!
pfloros 01-27-2008 6:54 PM The most amazing airport I have ever been through. Clean, Quick, Efficient and Friendly!
oidipous300 01-5-2008 3:53 AM very comfortable medium side airport which is getting bigger and bigger every year by the new airlines and destinations it guests. The only con is the high fares that the paseger has to pay every time he departs from there.
Mogens 12-6-2007 7:34 PM This realtively new airport is a carbon copy of Munich. Just missing some of the German efficiency.
zachg22491 08-25-2007 2:57 AM almost nothing to eat/drink, you have to take a bus to your plane most of the time, very inconvenient and dirty
flyme2 08-2-2007 1:47 PM Confusing signage and huge surges of travelers during the summer months make passing through this airport an exasperating experience. Most flights are boarded by bus even though they have plenty of stands available. The natives, especially Olympic employees are awful!
maabdou 02-19-2007 11:03 PM new airport for wonderful city