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GDD 01-5-2014 10:45 PM One of the dirtiest free-world airports in existance. Homeless folks sleeping in the atrium. Bathrooms are generally filthy. Cheap and ugly architecture. Cheap "welcome to Nairobi" posters over the main arrivals escalators. The narrow width of the terminals make the considerable crowds even more compacted and congested. Overall a really crappy large airport.
lavenderose007 08-11-2013 6:17 PM Why must they charge for internet access? That is nuts! Airports didn't used to do this but then they decided let's rip people off more than they are already being ripped is bad enough you often sit in an airport for long periods of time but to have to pay by the hour to connect to the internet is crazy. Always delays taking off and landing....people are rude....hard to find information on what is at each concourse...the one map I found only showed one concourse - you couldn't see what was at the other concourses.....BAD airport!
billcash3 08-7-2013 4:10 PM One of the best airports in the USA.
beshkie89 07-12-2013 12:53 AM Too many flights delayed EXCESSIVELY. 07-10-2013 10:05 PM If I could rate this airport 0 I would, worst airport in us for delays and lack of moving walkways!!!!!
MohammedAmeer 04-27-2013 7:11 AM ATL is an awsome airport but is DOES NOT HAVE FREE WI-FI and also the train is very exciting when you ride it , I advise all passengers at ATL to ride the train
LordLeo2000 08-9-2012 9:01 PM I think i stood on something! Smeeeeellllllyyyyyy =( Realy needs improvement)=
larry_boy 06-21-2012 7:12 PM No free wireless. Cheapskates.
mattw1009 06-14-2012 3:48 AM I know a lot of people don't care for Hartsfield but I like it, especially compared to other big airports. It's actually pretty nice inside and there's lots of food and lots of seats.
Scottbb 03-25-2012 10:20 PM U
Madinat 03-2-2012 2:29 AM LOVE my hometown airport! don't know any other where you have the ease of walking between terminals if you don't want to take the train, and TONS of restaurants and shopping. MARTA stops IN the terminal, clear signage, cheap parking, close to downtown. can't ask for more, except maybe more on time departures, lol
briyxu 02-7-2012 9:37 PM This is a reasonable place to change planes in but nothing is remarkable about this facility.
suttongate 11-21-2011 4:19 PM It's gotten way too crowded and the single baggage area/building just doesn't make any sense now that the airport is so big. Delta is simply not a great airline - as are most domestic carriers - and Delta's near monopoly of the airport really restricts the airlines one can fly and allows them to inflate prices.
IanDotson 10-28-2011 1:55 AM The airport itself is nice and clean but my two biggest complaints are consistent delays and rude staff that has no interest in helping anyone
homeplate51 08-28-2011 12:56 AM Atlanta is just too, too big - Egads if you land in A and have a quick connection in G or H.
glassfan 07-31-2011 6:44 PM Living in Floriduh, you wind up having to connect through ATL to get anywhere most of the time. So I've used ATL for connecting flights many times. Interior color and lighting of the concourses are depressing. Can't they brighten the place up a little and make it look better? Not enough restaurants for how many passengers this place handles. Lots of walking even with the trains that connect concourses.
nagapraveen 06-18-2011 8:42 PM Most useless airport...
lukt 03-6-2011 4:15 AM trains should run all night - including marta
LLinville 02-3-2011 11:44 PM The word "customer service" isn't recognized at the ATL Airport. It's like a contest on who can be the most rude. Every employee inside, outside it doesn't matter appears to HATE their job and they have no objection of passing it on to you. What a shame that people who come into our jewel of the South City of Atlanta and those of us who love the south and are proud of it are being represented in this fashion. I'm really embarassed! You have this survey all wrong - it's not the location, food,bars,parking that you need to worry about - it's the people you folks are hiring! To many people who care need the job.
Michal Brock 12-25-2010 6:42 PM You have to pay off a sky cap to get counter service at Delta. Delta will refuse to serve you unless you are presented by a sky cap.
mrredskin 11-15-2010 6:33 PM frequent delays in summer, but one of the best large airports there is
epekarik 11-12-2010 5:09 PM NEED moving sidewalks! It is common that passenger has to walk from gate 1 to 40 on any concourse. None of the concourses have moving sidewalks! It is easy to use trams between concourses once passenger walked 20 gates to the tram, but on a concourses it is looooong walk to/from gates with not ONE moving walkway.
mark finkelstein 10-27-2010 11:29 PM most unfriendly airport i have ever had the displeasure to travel through.
imac80 10-18-2010 6:29 PM For the size, ATL runs pretty well. The terminals are long (and there are several of them), so it takes some time to transfer planes. The employees are okay--some are rude, some are very nice. Security line is very long but moves quickly. I've never had to wait more than 30 minutes for security.
pilot727 09-7-2010 12:20 PM This is one of the most horribily congested, inefficient airports I've ever traveled through. The people aren't that nice either. The TSA lines after clearing US Customs on Int'l arrivals (which is also a big hassle - long waits - 45 mins +). The terminals aren't conducive to spacious room in walking to your flight. It's like a mouse maze, the foot traffic. Personally I'd avoid it like the plague. Use Cincinnati (CVG) instead.
kingsup 07-22-2010 6:34 PM The biggest problem at this airport is parking, and a parking company that routinely closes garages when there could be 50-100 open spaces, or even more available, I have seen it numerous times.
jamescusens18 07-15-2010 2:17 PM Excellent airport, love being able to travel through it on my way to Florida.
marchah 07-12-2010 11:22 AM Only real problem in Atlanta is the time to get through customs then reenter security lines at rush hours. I missed a connection with 2 1/2 hour time. 2 hours to get through customs plus 20 minutes through security check... bingo!
ponciostr 05-10-2010 8:31 PM i was in some airports, for me ATL is one of the best i had visited. but its too big! not too easy to get a connection, they train may confused, is not the best for who wasnt flight never beacause the size and the numbers of fligth and gates!. in it you find a lot of things and stores, restaurans... is not super modern but very clean! . you will enjoy your time in ATL if you dont get lost hehe
nkclark 02-7-2010 11:17 PM ATL is easily one the of the best international ports of entry in the U.S.
aliciakf 12-31-2009 8:16 PM I will never fly from this airport again. They were all rude and didn't care if they helped you or not. I had a service pet with me and they broke disability rules in regards to that pet. My pet and I were so stressed due to that and to their general attitude I hated my ruined my vacation.
alexismmitchell 12-28-2009 11:45 PM Ugh!!! DELAYS, DELAYS, LOTS OF DELAYS..... AVOID THIS AIRPORT! It is a nightmare. Especially during the holidays. Never again will I co a connector flight through ATL.
absinthe_boy 12-19-2009 11:01 PM My favourite airport anywhere in the world, and I've been through around 30 airports. There's something 'right' about ATL, from the pleasant architecture to the way everything just seems to work as it should. Staff are equally pleasant and there is a good variety of shops and places to get refreshments. Signage is great, the transit between concourses is fantastic and unique (in my experience) for a US airport there are actually enough immigration officers to deal with non US-citizens. A 777 full of tourists can be cleared in under 30 minutes.
Des1 03-26-2009 4:34 PM For a large airport, Atlanta is the best in the country. You can get anywhere if you have to and you never have to walk more than 10 gates to the nearest train that will take you within 10 gates of your destination. Sure beats Chicago....
swpercussionist4420 11-25-2008 2:19 AM Atlanta is a good airport overall. The only thing is, it is a HORRIBLE airport for layovers/ connecting flights. You will need a good hour and a half if more between the flights to ever make it to your next flight. The terminals are very far spaced apart. The train does help a lot though.
zippyjet 08-8-2008 4:58 AM Like any large airport ATL has it's ups and downs. Concourse C-D have been updated recently. Air Conditioning generally works for "Hotlanta's hot climate." I do wish the trains retained the deep male voice. They now use a mousy female voice track. ATL has delays but can recover from them.
walkintall 06-19-2008 11:44 AM Please don't let me be stranded here!
Marc Hannemann 06-13-2008 2:57 PM No prepaid-refill-cards for US-cellphones (T-Mobile...) available, smoking areas often dirty and to rare. But from all intl. airports worldwide, which I know, is Atlanta the most modern and efficient. Very silent and no stressful for a really big airport. Beautiful light departure-gates, clean, comfortable seats and good tv-entertainment. Few hours wait for a connection flight is no problem.
awabob 05-5-2008 5:36 PM ATL is the poster-child for failed airport design. Many gates are over 1 mile from the ticket counters. Some are WELL over a mile, making this the model for inefficiency. It was clearly designed as a connecting point, not a place at which to begin or end a trip. Any positives about the place are not enough to overcome the inconvenience of the layout.
glenmal 04-13-2008 12:44 AM Too far between terminals, on a close connection, you will not make it...
jc5921 04-7-2008 10:00 PM Arrived 15 minutes early from Denver. Sat on tarmac for 1 hour waiting for a gate to open up. Taxi line was several blocks long and took 1 hour to get through. Return flight delayed 1 hour no weather or other good reason. Could be Uniteds fault on this occasion but I also have problems no matter the airline.
etarheel1 03-6-2008 2:07 AM if you are a smoker be ready to be treated as a second class human!!!!!!!!!
GBF1693 03-1-2008 5:17 AM Look people, this is the busiest airport in the world you're looking at. I think its unrealistic to set such high expectations for it. I live in atlanta so everytime I fly I have to go through there. It's not that bad. I certainly wouldn't call it the BEST airport but hey, it's been getting me places for 15 years and I don't have a single complaint.
jamesreb 02-2-2008 7:11 AM Every time I fly through here (if I fly a connecting AirTran or Delta flight) I get a migraine. The restaurants are too crowded to get someting decent to eat. I usually have to settle for an ice cream bar and Coke (I'm lactose intolerant and I am a Pepsi drinker). I want to spend money at your airport yet if I stand in line for even Popeyes, I may only be 20 minutes late for my 2-hr delayed flight. Also, if you are going to be one of the busiest airports in the world, please clean your restrooms every once in a while. I used the same one going from KC/MCI to NY/LGA. Every time the restroom smelt heavily of urine and feces, no paper towels (someone even ripped open the dispenser to try to get some), and was trashed. Unacceptable. In regards to delays, maybe if you didn't try to cram so many airlines and flights in there, maybe a plane or two could take off on time for once. I know there isn't a ground hold while more cleaning supplies are trucked into the terminals. Also, it may help to have seating for everyone. I even tried to sit on the floor but someone had the nerve to yell at me that their wife was sitting there. Are all Atlantans that rude? And get on the free wi-fi bandwagon please? My home airport, Kansas City/MCI is a smaller airport that doesn't have as much money to work with but we at least have free wi-fi. I would like to try to do some work while I eat my nasty ice cream bar and Coke instead of a real meal because of your lack of food vendors, clean the restroom trash off my shoes, wait for my 2-hour delayed flight, and if I am lucky, sit on a dirty floor for a little bit, please?
luckysnap 12-30-2007 1:12 AM Too big, Too busy and Too many delays, NO free wifi!
mmuszynski 12-4-2007 2:51 PM Delayed quite frequently here, last trip was delayed for 7.5 hours due to a plane rudder issue. Good news was plenty of places to get food/drinks, the smokers on my delayed flight were happy for a place to smoke behind security (they complained less than most!). Issues were security lines are crazy and long, not enough TSA employees working and not very firendly overall. Rental car pick up and return are not very user friendly either, as they have limited pick up/drop off areas, yet shuttles sitting everywhere. No one was giving directions either. ATL is getting too big for itself and delaying flights too much for my tastes. If not your final destination, then I would try to connect elsewhere.
edvin 11-26-2007 8:53 PM Constant delays, cramped terminals, and it takes forever to get from one terminal to another which makes connections difficult. Very unhelpful staff and food prices are high compared to other hub airports.
sk8rdave 10-23-2007 11:02 PM atl is good for the number of direct flights it has in and out of it all over the world, other than that, its not that great, especially the terminal layout is simple but a huge pain in the a$$!!! its also a cluster f**k from midmorning to mid evening. the tram between the terminals is a pain in the a$$ as well as it is always swamped full of people. security is a b*tch as the lines are L O N G even when the "thousand standing around" (TSA) are working with many x ray machines running. also stuff is expensive as well... the delta terminal layout is as below, it is a bunch of "T's" stacked up on each other with a tram running through the middle. the distance between each set of gates "a b c" etc. is about 1/4 of a mile or more so riding the tram is pretty much a must do. T T T T T
adstewart 09-27-2007 1:30 PM The only good thing about this badly designed airport is that you can smoke inside it. That is the only reason I like to connect through this airport other than that it sucks!!!!
Stephen52 09-3-2007 8:11 PM I have flown in and out of airports all over the world and I consider the Atlanta airport on the whole to be one of the nicest in the world. When you consider the conditions at other airports. That not to say there's not room for improvement especially in the TSP's area of responsibility.
wwwilkie 08-5-2007 8:03 PM My next flight that leaves Atlanta on time will be the first. Very good dining selections between all the terminals. The corridors are tight which is a poor design considering the amount of traffic ATL handles. Seating is cramped and uncomfortable. Excellent selection of routes but on-time performance is a joke.
Sheri0565 07-30-2007 9:22 PM Airport layout is horrible!!!! Wish they would have set it up like ORD!!
kschendel 07-25-2007 4:27 PM (as a connection airport:) at least ATL gets the job done. Usually too hot and the food/shopping is decent but uninspired. Pretty easy to move around in if you know where you're going. The good news is that the operations side is usually up to the job.
weji13 07-2-2007 9:49 PM Often a very long hike from one gate to another. If planning to dine, best bring a snack from home
medsight 06-29-2007 11:02 PM Avoid ATL at all costs!!
Caniche 06-27-2007 9:44 PM I hate having connecting flights here! THis place is huge, loses luggage and I've never had a flight that's on time. This is many airline's hubs and my flights are never pleasent. And when I was there... A cutlery shop in the airport... What's up with that????
jmcatl 05-6-2007 3:59 PM Good as home airport. If you have priority access to security, piece of cake. If not, wait times can be long.
Tonytucson 04-24-2007 6:02 PM In the C & D concourses, there are no worthwhile places to eat--just fast food.
kaskarx 04-16-2007 1:04 PM Try to Avoid this airport if possible - Always delayed!
chrisbeaumont 04-5-2007 7:06 PM Dull and depressing
betcat 02-4-2007 7:37 PM alot of room for improvement
HESM 12-12-2006 1:50 PM I liked this airport.