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Wagimen 04-1-2014 7:56 PM A really small airport. Clean, but very limited possibilities for eating/drinking. No taxis available, because the busses take you to all possible hotels.
lynnedykes 10-20-2013 4:19 AM AS most appalling and embarrassing experience. Since having a knee replacement in 2011 I have travell throughout Asia and Australia, Sydney Hong Kong Beijing Shanghai Melbourne Coolangatta and Denpassar ..... I have NEVER been so publicly humiliated as when the metal detector went off ast Ayers Rock Airport - I was lined up and patted down !! in front of a planeload of people like a CRIMNINAL. The dimwit who conducted this had NO EMPATHY WHATSO EVER. All other airports have a system where the problem is isolated and dealt with sympathetically, even with humour. But not at Ayers Rock Airport - the occasion defies common sense. This idiot needs to be taken from his duties and familiarised with curtesy and common sense!!! This occured on 20 Oct 2013 10.30-11.00 am.
Keelback 08-22-2012 5:02 AM This airport is clearly better than Innamincka, SA AU which was giving a rating of 5. I gave it a 5 for security, as a terrorist would have difficulty finding it especially if he/she used Google Maps which pointed to middle of Northern Territory.
pinpinpin 06-11-2008 7:27 AM I have been to a lot of airports, but AYQ is the most depressing one so far. If one wants to see what a small regional airport is capable of, look at Broome WA