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nwafan20 09-17-2013 2:44 PM One of the best small airports I have been to. Terminal is beautiful, parking is cheap, and security is quick. The only real problem is the lack of flights. Right now it's 5x a day to Chicago, 4x a day to Detroit, and 2x a day to Minneapolis. I suppose it isn't too bad for the size of the city.
adhart 02-7-2013 5:37 AM Small town airport. No need to arrive hours ahead of time. Fast security because nobody is in line. Only flights to Detroit and Chicago now that Delta dropped Minneapolis. American flights to Chicago are cancelled pretty regularly when bad winter weather appears on the horizon. Despite what others commented, you can self check-in. Exit doors are odd because they are unmanned. Instead of paying a TSA agent to sit at the exit all day to make sure nobody sneaks in the terminal through the exit, they use a kind of automated airlock system. Free internet. If you live in the area it is super convenient, but Grand Rapids has more flights and better reliability.
maklose 12-3-2012 3:25 PM Airport doesn't have electronic ticketing! Very frustrating. Not sure what they were thinking about the exit doors from the terminals...even more frustrating.
trishmsh 05-3-2011 11:46 PM WOW GREAT NEW AIRPORT opened 4/28/11 The new one is very bright and airey-. It has alot of art and is visually appealing!! Rumor has it - more airlines will soon be coming into and out of kalamazoo!! Every employee we came in contact from airport and airline personel to car rental agents -- every employee there were wonderful!!
wwwilkie 04-7-2009 8:01 PM Nothing past security but not much before it either. Quick security lines. Very limited routes and schedules.
jlm6120 01-25-2009 1:36 AM Wheel chairs are a premium - be sure to have extra time to locate one Don't plan on using self check in - it isn't available It might be a small airport, but the service is small as well
qtswede 12-15-2007 3:13 AM horrid customer service at American Eagle.