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iuliamoise 11-19-2011 5:48 PM Awful to the point of disgrace. It should not even be approved as an airport. It is very small, the toilets are a mess and the staff is very rude. A complete nightmare of an experience. 1/5 stars rating is a compliment.
petrugoia 11-19-2011 5:35 PM The customer service is appalling, there is no meet and greet whatsoever, rude to the point of making threats i.e. a civil servant at the security check point threatened people to delay them on purpose if overstepping the yellow line when the place was over-crowded because of the lack of space and mismanagement. The airport service overall is a serious challenge to common sense.
Yuppie58 12-13-2010 9:33 AM This is probably one of the most awfull airports I ever saw. I was waiting for the plane in september the whole night standing in the toilet because it was too crowdy in the narrow waiting room. This airport needs urgently a total renovation!
pauledwardevans 11-30-2010 6:27 PM This is quite possibly the worst airport I have ever had to transit through. Peak time for low cost traffic in the morning and the queues for Passport / Security was simply a scrum. Totally insufficient capacity. The locals know they can push in down the non EU lane and just cut across - staff are slow and their attitude is awfull.
danada 03-26-2010 8:47 PM It is a very ugly airport, old. The arrival room is narrow and "sad". The airport needs improvement and soon. It is very well located in the city. This is the only good point for this airport.
rhnoakes 12-17-2009 9:03 PM Convenient for the city, but horrible to use! It is simply too small for the level of traffic. Better to arrive at than to leave.
jeronimoscorpio 03-7-2009 5:42 PM Close to the city and all cheap airlines fly to this airport. Still, one of the worst airports in Europe. Taxis in front of the terminal are like mafia, they ask for 10 times the regular price. The boarding area is too small, usually you have to fight for a seat. At the small duty free shop you can not pay with debit or credit card, only cash and the exchange rate they use is about 10% more unfavorable than the daily rate.
ADubiella 02-17-2009 3:26 PM one of the ugliest airports in europe