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wynforever69 03-11-2014 12:00 AM Airport became vary good, clean, well organised, and it improved almost everything that could be improved. Thanks to new Serbian airline Air Serbia, airport became more efficient, and more profitable in couple of past months. Keep up good work! ;)
Serbia 01-14-2013 7:14 PM are you been at belgrade...airport is fantastic...
Ralph_8 02-11-2009 8:27 PM Very nice at all...
JU580 11-8-2008 11:37 PM Belgrade Airport as I've been told has improved in the past couple of years. Still there is a fair bit to work on in mordernising the airport. The waiting area arrival hall where passengers meet family could be bigger and better organised for example, and the A gates need mordernisation and expansion like seen on the C gates. Belgrade Airport unfortunatly is underserved due to the visa restrictions on Serbian passports and Jat Airways's inability to serve more destinations and increase frequencies. Otherwise, Belgrade Airport is a cosie little airport and cant wait to see whats installed for it in years to come :)
miroslavcicic 08-20-2007 2:54 PM Airport Nikola Tesla from Belgrade Serbia is very good.
~markvel~ 02-13-2007 1:16 PM Great Airport !!! The best Aiport on Balkan !!!