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chrizoneill 08-22-2013 10:36 AM A mixed bag is BFS. Although before the revamp the design and style of the place wasn’t exactly cutting edge, it did have character. That is largely gone in favour of modernity of design. All in I suppose what it gave with one hand it took with the other. In terms of the practical side of the change, the airport has opened up a lot of shopping/eating floor space after security that means you've a lot more choice now. The down side is that for those picking up or dropping off, most of the facilities you could have availed of a few years ago are now out of reach on the other side of security. To make matters worse for those in charge of getting family/friends or colleagues to the airport is that if you intend to park at the airport's own facility, the cost is much much higher than at other sites. Even if you are just giving a lift, you have to pay a very high hourly rate to use the short term car park, and perhaps more annoying still, you have to pay just to use the drop off area for a max of 10 minutes. So once your wheels are on airport property, you're going to have to pay something one way or another! The other thing that I've noticed and that gets mentioned time and time again about BFS is security. The lines are excessive as soon as passenger traffic gets up to anything approaching busy, to be fair I've never experienced really long queues, (just queues longer than they should have been for the quiet time of day), but what does reduce my ability to pass through security hassle free (like so many other people report) is the attitude of staff. Very surly, very officious and not at all warm. Just 2 things would transform this airport for me, firstly security staff attitudes need to be improved to give a better customer experience. Secondly, prices for everything from food and shops to the car park need to be more competitive, way more. Plus with adding levies for mandatory plastic bags (for security) and just dropping passengers off, they just seem money grabbing and you fell like you’ve had your hard earned money squeezed out of you by a 'money mangle' of an airport!
Kev O'Connor 04-28-2013 12:57 PM Public transport is limited except to Belfast centre. Other directions complicated. The building has been nicely refurbished with a good layout. Metal seating benches are uncomfortable. The big negative is the rude and aggressive security staff. Examples of sharp practice include charging £1 for two polythene sandwich bags for liquids at security. Drop off/pick up costs £1 and you need to have the proper change. Overall this airport I feel does nothing for the tourist trade as you leave Belfast with a negative impression. 12-6-2012 1:28 PM The airport has changed since my last visit. It was easy to pass through and facilities are good. One seriously annoying problem was the announcements on the PA system in the Strangford Bar and Grill. It was so loud and distorted that it was completely inaudible.
Jake Lewis 06-4-2012 2:22 PM A good, spacious and easy to 'Pass-Through' airport.
nealp 06-28-2010 1:15 PM why do they have 5 plus security channels with all the necessary eqpt , but only use one or when it gets very busy , they actually open another why not have more open all the time or is that to easy and would that be to helpful for the poor passengers ?
eibonvale 11-21-2009 1:20 PM There’s one word that really seems to fit this place: confusing! Ok, there seems to be major building works going on at the time I passed through, so it may be unfair of me to criticise, but even so, the layout of the place is just . . . strange. Labyrinthine! Unlike some places with a good sense of flow through, here there is the sense of being passed through some kind of bizarre maze with semi-confusing signs bouncing you first one direction then another and always unsure what is where. My first attempt at getting to the departure gates landed me at the arrivals instead, though i am willing to entertain the notion that this was just my own stupidity showing itself! When I eventually found the right corridor, I was dropped into a scene of bedlam that I presumed to be security – at least a large number of people were milling around trying to take off or put on shoes and belts. The staff were doing their best and weren’t particularly grumpy but there was a very strong sense of having to struggle with garments while at the same time desperately trying to keep moving and get out of the way - while people were searching unlucky traveller’s luggage seemingly wherever there was tablespace. So lots of hopping around on one foot and nervous fumbling on my part while woman’s underwear was dragged out into the daylight at my elbow, on the quest for a stray perfume bottle. Then, staggering away from security, still doing up my belt, I found myself in a very small buffet area and sat down to collect my wits. Curiously though, this wasn’t the departure lounge yet – just a surreally placed waystation in the middle of the corridor. The food on offer didn’t look hugely exciting though so I pressed on and eventually found myself in the departure lounge proper. This was quite well equipped, though still a touch random in layout, with signs pointing off in a host of different directions towards various gates. One of the eateries provided me with some really quite nice food at a reasonable price and I settled down to wait. Boarding the plane was ok and without any complications or aggravations, though involved a short walk through streaming rain!
bfs.davidt 06-22-2009 2:03 PM Have Worked at airport and love it. BFS is the best !!! More airline , routes , time unlike BHD who close at 9.30 and open @ 06.30.
icyoubaby 07-27-2008 10:24 AM Needs better transport links to City Centre... Also needs another scheduled airline who is part of an alliance providing numerous connections, rather than just low-cost airlines
CAPTAIN BILL 07-26-2008 3:42 PM Needs knocked down and rebuilt and a management team that know how to run an airport. USE THE CITY AIRPORT BUT AVOID RYANAIR.