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TTtent 05-16-2010 3:19 PM Great airport. lots of comfortable seating and good food outlets. Very clean facilites
jimmyd6469 10-10-2009 5:53 PM Charming, efficient, simple airport. Everything works. Security , immigration & baggage inconvenience minimal compared to other major international airports.
Portes 10-10-2009 5:21 PM I use this airport quite often on my return to Canada I have never had any problems with customs or immigration. I guess if you smile and treat them like human beings you get the respect that you deserve. One does not push custom and immigration people around, even here in Canada
lilshot 10-9-2009 10:01 PM The Best Caribbean Airport, . A++++++
WACKIEDON 08-24-2009 8:53 PM Apart form the physical layout and infastructure O.K. The people who work there immigration/customs are very unfriendly bordering on rude. My experiences all the time were not plesant. I was at the checkin counter for AA when there was a good rain/wind blow and everybody had to run for shelter
chesb 08-17-2009 10:02 PM A very good airport
piltopete 12-28-2007 1:26 PM Terrible attitudes here with the airport staff, if your not white or from a neighbouring Caribbean Island.They suffer from a nasty messed up complex. Just don't look for any politeness. Best of luck.
kschendel 07-25-2007 6:02 PM The taj mahal of Caribbean island airports. Great long runway, very different from the usual postage stamp. The terminal is just OK but is undergoing major upgrades. Immigration can get a little backed up at peak times. (don't miss the Concorde museum next door, one of the retired aircraft lives there.) Note, for some reason AA has traditionally had VERY slow checkin at BGI, other airlines are OK.