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vikingnewt 12-31-2012 2:11 PM as i often pick people up from this airport i am qualified to talk at least on parking, pick up/drop off is free which gives it an automatic + in any book. main check in area is open and airy, without a cattlemarket feel, although it can often be hard to get help using the automated machines. taxi's are beyond a joke for anyone travelling to the city itself, as prices START at £30, but this is a generalism about taxis in norway, the shuttlebus to the city centre is actually now both fast, and with the reduction in price, pretty decent value for money. and of course very regular. best advice for arrivals is to be picked up by a friend, or stump up the tenner for the bus instead. bgo functions exceptionally well as a satellite/regional airport, with almost half hourly connections to oslo and the other big cities (travelling overland is excessively expensive and time consuming, a £50 ticket gets you there in 20 minutes...) i would also like to commend the security staff at the airport, for actually having a sense of humour, and treating people like people, although much improvement can be made for line times themselves. actually one of the more enjoyable and less "stressy" airports to travel through.