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jonesyema 10-2-2012 11:07 AM needs moving walkway to some of the remote piers, used by Thomson and First choice. A lot of elderly people had a struggle making the long walk. Ibis hotel, perfect for staying before early morning flights.
joshomezza 08-11-2012 2:29 PM very good airport
johal01 01-28-2012 4:33 PM Very Good And Clean Airport. Very Nice And Polite.
Bluesteve 11-26-2011 11:21 PM Might sound daft, but before booking a flight from any airport check out it's viewing facilities - usually gives a good indication of the airports attitude towards customers.
jabdoc 09-6-2011 7:17 PM departure information could be better. Virtually no seating for those waiting for check in desk to open - our large group had to sit on the floor in the middle of the departures hall!
TimothyJones 09-2-2011 7:48 AM A friendly airport with good shops and good public transport.
cjtan 12-2-2010 8:42 PM I like BHX. But I always check in online, take a train to the airport, have hand luggage only, and eat/drink in town. So I don't experience what others reported about parking, baggage, check in, etc.. Train service to the airport is excellent and cheap.
bainstravel 10-28-2010 7:37 PM Very Expensive Parking
doesntlincs7921 10-11-2010 2:52 PM Expensive to eat & drink. Difficult to find your way around as no obvious signs. Currency exchange is very expensive and only have major currencies (ie no Latvian, Polish or Russian currency) and wouldn't change these back for me. Staff seemed to have no idea when asked questions.
robroe 09-23-2010 10:17 AM There should be a "Smoking Area" within the complex Parking is a total "Rip Off"
rendell66 09-14-2010 5:22 AM I have travelled to many countries around the world, China, India North America and all over Europe. This airport has the worst baggage handling ever. Its a good job not many people use this airport for would never get you bags on the next flight. For the size and traffic it handles it is really really really bad. Note I use this airport at least twice a month! I should know.
peeps50 07-25-2010 8:16 AM Baggage reclaim times consistently appalling! average 45-60 minutes at quiet times.
qt17307 05-17-2010 10:46 AM this airport should be so good due to its size and location, but ......... parking is extremely expensive with NCP, even when pre-booked. no free drop off time. only airport I know that does this. So the perimeter is often slowed with people stopping to let people out of their car. The first 10/15 minutes should be free security is chaos - as I travel weekly I can use the priority channel, this still takes 5-10 minutes. The main line queue is often outside the securitty area and trails round the shops - so maybe 45 minutes wait. This is totally not acceptable, must drive people crazy. Also self defeating as people then have less / no time to shop the other side, so lost revenue stream. security people - there are lots of them at each work station but still so slow. I count 7 people manning each station whereas in MUC / CDG there are only 4 - and it is quicker access to security - they have 2-3 people checking boarding passes before the queue starts. These people would be better employed checking bags. the person at the start of the security machine can check the boarding pass toilets are poor / dirty - they all have a timer for when next cleaning is due. 90% time the counter is at zero ie cleaning is overdue new departure / arrival hall is great but why do thye not use the ramps to access the planes - we still walk outside in the rain / wind ? arrival - as above and you have to carry baggage up the stairs then walk 0.25 miles to passport control. Cutting corners by not 1) using the ramps 2) install moving walkway. I walk less at LHR / CDG !! baggage trolleys - charging for them on arrival is very petty / cheeky and p*sses people off passport checking - there is often a massive queue and the autoamted entry gates are never working late at night passport checking - should allow individual queues to form at each desk (as MUC / FRA). There is then less delay between being checked and the next person arriving. Also the man/woman who pointlessly stands there to show the next free passport desk can be re-deployed (to departure bag checking maybe !) arrival - the escaltor to take you down to passport never seems to be on. There is a now a sign saying "switched off due to congestion" -- so you have to lug your baggage down the stairs. all in all the airport in my view is poor - but with better management could bo so good
happyclaire 04-21-2010 9:26 PM As daughter lives/works in Jersey it's becoming a regular joke that the flight takes less time than the luggage reclaiming at Birmingham Airport - joking apart it is true! Also why is it when we take two identical cases away one is always 1st out and you can virtually guarantee that the second is always one of the last to be loaded onto the conveyor belt? coincedence maybe/maybe not???
Daiamond 2005 01-7-2010 4:08 PM Need more taining especially young ladies stay at check in counters and bording area!
bigchopper 08-2-2009 7:25 PM If I can I travel straight LHR this airport is an embarrasment to the City of Birmingham with most of the staff rude, ignorant or just plain incompetent. The arrivals area is an embarrassment along with passport control, who, quite frankly could not organise a drink in a pub. The only reasonable airline is Emirates but by the time you have worked the expensive flights you could have travelled to London and still have change left over! For a second city it really is a disgrace and dont get me started on the shopping facilities. Whats that all about? Attempted to visit Boots on one occassion and two employees looked "hurt" at being asked a question! Despite the fact you cannot take liquids through as hand luggage they still sell them and have witnessed security staff taking them off passengers and "keeping them in seperate area". The looks on those staff left me in no doubt that half this stuff ends up in their pockets! BHX you suck big time!
terry0608 06-6-2009 8:14 AM A modern well maintained airport well laid out with clear information signs but as everywhere pricey to park for short stays, although a lot cheaper if booked well in advance
poppythree 03-9-2008 7:57 PM Very convenient, with speedy processing of arrivals - was at my pick-up point within 10 mins - much better than travelling via larger airports, with Emirates providing possibility of many international routes.
GuitarKing 02-2-2008 7:42 PM A very good airport overall, but the delays with bagage claim can be long.
woden666 12-20-2007 2:02 PM Efficient, clean, unbeatable for it's ground transport links to other parts of the UK and use as a hub for UK, European and Mid/Far-East connections. A thoroughly good airport that deserves more than one operator to the US.
chrismabb 06-22-2007 7:14 PM could do with a good cleaning crew and smarter staff with a little intrest in the job they do both handling agents and security staff
askjoflights 05-3-2007 8:45 PM One of the better organised airports that I ahve used
robinsg 04-30-2007 9:50 AM Has improved since the alterations. Hopefully the new changes to security in Terminal 1 will reduce the sometimes lengthy queues.
punjabijatt 04-10-2007 11:14 AM termina 2 is small but very comfortable... last time i flew from terminal 1 it was beein renovated so it wasnt too comfortable... the national exhebition center can be reached with a shuttle and the train station is in the NEC...usually i get to my final destiantion with the train really easy... i love travelling to BHX
maesydderwen 02-14-2007 10:50 PM Excellent public transport connections. Could improve off site parking signposting, especially at arrivals. Excllent public information centre. Much improved airport but needs to compete better with Manchester and London airports to catch customers who live in Midlands and Wales.
demac1971 12-9-2006 3:31 PM The problem with BHX is there is only 1 operator to the US, This means sky high prices. Thats why i prefer to fly from LHR.