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krody1219 05-29-2014 9:23 AM Nieuwe terminal is echt een verbetering. Ruimte om te zitten, prima bars en restaurants.
flyergo 06-20-2011 11:55 PM Bodrum airport is by far the worst airport i have ever used. From the unfriendly staff to the over-priced beverages/snacks to the very limited and uncomfortable seating whilst waiting on the inevitably delayed flight. The entire process seems to be one of torture for the traveller - the check-in staff are like gestapo and the cleaners seem to regard the traveller/tourist with such disdain - like the rubbish they are clearing up! The public telephones rarely work and when they do, they seem to be set to use up more credit on your phone card than seems fair. The shopping opportunities are extremely limited if you do happen to have any money left - the few duty-free shops all sell the same things and the shops are miniscule - there's barely room to move when a few customers are browsing the fag and booze prices (because that's basically all that's on offer apart from turkish delight (yawn!) ..... i could go on, but i won't - safe to say returning home via Milas, Bodrum airport is a memorable experience (one you'll prefer not to have!)
teoctist 09-19-2010 7:17 PM one of the worst airports ever. Prices way to high. 5 euro a can of soda
samur1 06-22-2009 10:05 PM Most expensive airport I have ever experienced and on the whole very basic
monkeyhanger 02-25-2009 9:43 PM Prices thro the roof for everything except duty free. Probably the worst airport anywhere to experience a delayed flight. Flight delay information availability is very slow, as with most airports. If you are delayed, before going thro to dutyfree, go back outside to the exterior cafe. a bit of fresh air and just a little more reasonable.
greensman01 02-2-2008 9:15 PM one of the worlds most expensive airports once airside ??????? check what you get for what you will be expected to pay BEFORE you pay - you could end up v surprised!!!!! - tho' duty free prices OK 06-28-2007 11:58 AM The most expensive airport I have ever been too
Deadmeat 06-17-2007 7:31 PM Not the best airport i have been to. Used to be military so all new terminal. Food and drink prices inside the terminal are the worst i have seen dont expect much change from your 10 pounds for a burger meal.
cardiffairtaxi 12-9-2006 1:08 PM If you are going to fly from this airport,be warned!Airport itself is fine,as are staff,but should you wish to purchase food/drink,you are going to be well and truly robbed.A can of Cola was £3/$6,tea coffee at simialar rates,and food prices extortionate too.