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Fendahl 12-9-2013 1:21 AM Always a pleasure to use this airport.
sunil_kelkar 09-16-2013 7:32 AM Overall a good airport. Good cleanliness.
nguyentannhatquang 05-13-2013 3:15 AM No comment. One of the best airports in the world.
neamman 01-13-2013 11:27 PM Disappointed in shopping, very expensive
harkish 10-1-2012 1:59 AM Suvarnabhumi is a shame - Bangkok built its airport after Singapore, KL and HK, and should have been able to learn from all three. Instead, as seen from the rankings on this site, it avoided all lessons and did a really poor job. The distance from check-in, through the long lines at immigration and to the gate is a form of exercise - you can easily have to walk more than a kilometer with luggage. This walk goes past a variety of shops that have no interest for the vast majority - Prada, Coach and Rolex dispenaries. Sorry, not what I am looking for. There are no moving sidewalks to get you past the luxury shopping, and few good restaurants. Unfortunately, because of the design, there is little that can be done to improve things. Whoever's the architect of this fiasco should have their license revoked.
alanmx 07-8-2012 5:29 PM especially long walk to immigration. Very Bad first thing seen in Bangkok. Cathay Pacific #713
Madinat 03-2-2012 2:18 AM Love this airport.
Gian 01-14-2012 9:16 AM A nice International Airport, and size and passenger traffic, the airport is very quiet and very well lit and decorated! However, VERY long queues at the entrances and exit at passaport controls. Anyway we are Thailand and much is forgiven! No w-fi free! :(
OilNana 09-26-2011 4:56 PM It's very good airport and clean.
RalphRempler 02-16-2011 6:57 PM Extremely unfriendly services (from shops over restaurants up to immigration)
rheinwiese 12-3-2010 10:42 PM This is not an airport. It's a huge department store with 2 runways. And flaws at every corner. Passenger comfort and usability ?? No way.
mikey0118 11-22-2010 4:37 PM I used to be a regular visit to Suvarnabhumi Airport, but recently visited for the first time in two years. An airport that I once loved (mostly because of the fantastic value for money at the many cafes, bars and restaurants) is now one that I despise. The prices have soared and meals at Burger King (for example) more than twice what they do in a restaurant outside of the airport. I also hate the long waits at immigration and the often poor management of the queues by airport staff. Where is the logic in taking people from the back of one queue to the front of another? Apart from that, Bangkok is bright and airy, no queues exist at security and the check-in process (thanks to the sheer number of desks available) is always a breeze!
icampbel 08-8-2010 6:57 AM This facility is 1km long. Too bad if you're at the wrong end of the main corridor and wish to mail a letter. There is only 1 mailbox and this is at the Post Office which is at one end. Even when you reach the area the Post Office is hard to find because it is behind a pillar. 2kms to send a postcard! Someone wasn't thinking about mail and ATM's when they designed this otherwise attractive and efficient airport.
Uncle Ken 11-24-2009 7:42 AM Most of the duty free prices are higher than the on-street prices in town, especially on high value items.
DavidRHunt 09-25-2009 10:21 AM Bit like Heathrow Terminal6 in that passenger flow and management takes a back seat to a pretty look and the shops. Air conditioning is inconsistant in the terminal and sign posting is relatively poor.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:10 PM Angry Business Traveller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQmMHZ8nyyw
tom.hull 02-3-2009 9:04 AM This is the worst modern airport I have been in. Layout incredibly bad - don't know who they benchmarked. Security lines very long, and no separate lines for crew, so crew are constantly going to the front and slowing things up. Once through security, there is nothing - no food or drink, and no seating if you are early to your gate. Opportunities to eat and dring before security are limited and poor. Very, very bad airport. Should have let the protestors have it and started again.
papillonvu 06-30-2008 11:53 AM Terminal layout and design is hell. When you encourage passengers to shop then you should also have the necessary infrastructure to allow them to arrive at their departure gate in a leisurely manner. When you force passengers to run over 1 kilometer because of the lack of trav-o-lators then that's a clear sign that the terminal is ill designed!
F1CM 05-18-2008 3:21 AM Glass roof makes it hot in the day and cold at night because of air-con fighting against glass roof. Very little seating available. No free drinking water fountains available. Food and drink pricing expensive given local pricing.
dussadee_7 04-30-2008 8:51 PM Airport have so much traffic, Many time i wait for take off and land so long long time.
pab 04-1-2008 1:10 PM the arrival area is much too small. Generally: Not as bad as people make it out to be, but not as good as it could be considering that it is brand new
anshjain 01-6-2008 6:56 AM An awesome airport. Number of shops and restaurants are great.
roys 12-19-2007 11:48 AM Poorly designed from the get-go! No seating after immigration at all and access to gates is from either one end or the other of the POD. No mobile sidewalks in departure level. Walk walk walk!
rossk 12-15-2007 5:01 AM I've lived in Thailand for 20 years, and just had my first arrival from Singapore into Suvarnabhumi. Changi is a wonderful experience, Suvarnabhumi is truly a national disgrace, and a perfect example of the combined results of corruption and incompetence.
ilovepetch 11-15-2007 10:34 AM Overall everything was great except the restrooms were wet. The floor of the Airport was Dirty. There were trash on the floor. There should be more signs on the Motorway, Express Way and Normal Roads to the Airport. All most all of the signs were in Thai.
jpreid 11-4-2007 5:28 PM BKK Airport is so Expensive , they charge double the price than in Bangkok its a disgrace, Aiport a nice distance from the city almost a hr.
desiii88 10-1-2007 9:44 AM PLEASE PUT SOME CUSHIONS ON THE CHAIRS BY THE GATES - THEY ARE HARD AND VERY COLD TO SIT ON!!! For that reason alone I prefer to avoid the airport whenever possible.
sujit63 09-23-2007 10:17 AM transitting in suvarnabhoomi was a good experience specially at thai lounges
foto.g.sam 08-18-2007 12:07 AM Inspite all the problems that the new airport of BKK encounters with the aerodrome, the main terminal building is worth visiting. It has a lot of shops that can keep you busy while waiting for your departure. Also in the new airport you can find several places to sit and have a cup of coffee or something to eat.
dh11071 08-8-2007 8:13 AM Fantastic airport and service. Keep up the good work!
avenger 07-3-2007 3:20 AM The service there was completely disgusting. The receptionist at the transfer desk was completely rude. As I was flying from Sydney, I bought a few items from duty free, mainly alcohol. As soon as i got into the security check in before heading for the gates they said we couldn't take two of the bottles of alcohol but could take the rest. So we went and chucked the two bottles away, and as soon as we returned the sercurity staff had changed and the demanded we chucked all our alcohol away. It was a massive hassle and so we did. We headed straight for the toilets and emptied out $400 worth of alcohol. The only reason why we had that much was because there were 8 people and we bought it from duty free. As soon as I chucked everything away the security check ran to the toilets after we passed the security gate & we could clearly hear them saying something similar to " that alcohol could have been ours". On the way back we saw the same scenario with a couple heading to London. But instead of the airport staff making them chuck it away, they let them keep the alcohol but the airport staff took one bottle for themselves.
sblumens 04-11-2007 5:23 PM Been here for more than a couple of flights and pick up of arrivals. Obviously the lighting and AC are very inadequate and uneven. First impression was that I was at a shopping mall, not an airport. (Vendor contracts recently deemed illegal; expect change?). Arrivals area is horrendous. If you are arriving yourself, you don't notice it, just the touts. Meeting an arriving person is very difficult. Then, you just have to know how to get to the regular taxis 2 levels below. Why no or little signage? Because they want you to take the greatly overpriced AIRPORT taxi!! There is a stand right at each arrival area. Despite all this, I can't understand those who prefer the old airport. Much less chance of traffic with Suwarnabhumi. In about 5-6 trips I've never needed more than 30min from Sukhumvit.
chaaan 04-9-2007 2:03 PM Distsnce between entrance and gate is very very long,but there are no transportation system.(Just only limited moving sidewalk) At morning and midnight sequrity and immigration Q are very long. At the passage,there are many many dutyfree shops,but everything are too expensive,If you are very rich it is OK. I hope to back old airport Dongmueang!!
mike8057d 03-23-2007 8:25 AM The airport is obviously not completed but the previous government tried to rush to open it. The airport lounge is a mess, too many people and not organised. Prefer Don Muang airport.
Wilbert 03-5-2007 6:19 PM I like the old BKK airport
vrichard 03-4-2007 8:14 PM Airport has big problems; It is a FIRETRAP and is DANGEROUS
ausethanol 02-24-2007 10:29 AM On my most recent flight I flew the Thai nonstop from Los Angeles. What a contrast between old dirty disgusting international terminal at LAX and the beautiful gleaming new airport in Bangkok. Thais should be as proud of their new airport as Americans should be ashamed of LAX. I found few areas for complaint - the passport process is swift though there is not enough signs to flag the priority lines for Business and First Class passengers at arrivals. The last two arrivals I have had to wait quite a time for baggage but this may have been accentuated because of the quick pasport process. The departure area for business and first class is a dream - quiet, quick and no waiting. You are seated to check in and there is priority passport lanes that whisk you through to the lounge. However there needs to be more signs to let passengers know that there are multiple lounges close to departure gates - not just the one immediately after the passport control. Walk to a lounge near your gate - it will be quieter and more relaxing.
nakarits 02-21-2007 9:10 AM The Airport was very Good Designed and the Toilets were clean. Their Baggage System was very fast. I liked this Airport very much.
tushugars 02-11-2007 9:34 AM Suvarnabhumi - a shambles - the gates are so impersonal... If this is modern, give me the old days, this is a tragic airport for the citizens of Thailand who deserver better.... Taksin and his croney's - a sad situation
gearsau 02-2-2007 3:25 AM Too many high prices shops selling exclusive brand names. Ok if you are a millionaire. Layout of airport is poor, and lots of problems due to poor construction. Lighting is bad, and considering that they have literally millions of lights there, its al energy wasted.
peterb 01-31-2007 8:14 AM We waited 80 mins for baggage. Dep/Arr signs so small we couldn't read till we got to front of crowd. Touts by the hundred in arrivals area. Very dirty floors. Inept management (if there is any). Walk from gate A6 to baggage claim must be longest anywhere without travelators.
binny2010 01-22-2007 1:19 AM Very modern but lacks warmth. More toilets required. Internet access is poor for a modern airport. Immigration clearance is prompt. Signage can be improved.
benson54 12-31-2006 8:54 AM Very poorly designed too many levels, aircon dosent work, and distance to gates extreme. Finish of the structure very poor and always dirty. You would have thought they would have gone to a good airport like Singapore, HK or Seoul to see how to design an airport and just copied it. It is a national disgrace for thailand but I suppose a lot of politicians and public servants profited from it.
HelenThomas 12-30-2006 11:14 PM Airport building is VERY noisy and leaves impression of large hollow hanger Exterior already looking shabby on December 19 i.e. glass dirty etc. HORRIFIED that had to take bus from plane to customs area on 3 Thai airways flights within 2 week period - no elevator service from the plane to the bus area and an elderly lady slipped and fell on the kurb on one occassion. Looks dismal if already insufficient bridges available for THai flag carrier airline.
aln 12-26-2006 2:02 AM What a disgrace!
nomad 12-5-2006 2:19 AM Wonderful airport design but very bady managed. Sack the management and bring in the professionals!!