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changi94 01-1-2011 11:10 The best Italian airport.
Smonocco 11-14-2010 13:57 Pretty good, although departure gates can get a bit crowded and seating is limited. Also baggage handlers take ages to deliver bags
rallison 09-17-2009 05:29 A Great Compact Balanced Regional Airport with friendly and helpful staff, that is just the right size to serve the locailty. Very Close to the city centre and main Italian Railway Station.
gianniem 03-9-2009 07:25 Luggage delivery time extremely slow
freesurfer 10-7-2007 07:47 Its a good airport especially for the territory, further flights especially to Europe surely will be very welcome for the potential customers that sometimes must go in other gateways.
mhljones 01-17-2007 19:20 I had never experienced actual contempt for customers until I spent time trying to fly with Lufthansa from this airport: avoid it at all costs!