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jameshay 11-13-2013 08:51 The worst airport in Australia by far. It stinks that it is the one I depart from and return too. Why so many delays in Brisbane? Its not exactly London. The number of times I have circled over the Gold Coast on my way home is a joke and the parking is just a rip off. Very poor compared to other airports I fly to.
domma31 07-13-2011 05:45 pain in the xxxx, going from international to domestic, get some decwnt signage, work out a better train system
lauraraynor1 02-15-2010 00:37 I have never been so disappointed with the service of an airport until flying VAustralia. My flight was changed and I was never notified. Then when I get to the airport the flight is delayed again for another hour. I will never use this airline again and I will inform my friends and family to do the same.
KJOHN 04-7-2009 21:29 Access to the Airport is bad, only two lines and one ridiculous roundabout, access to the airport coming from the Southside passing the Gateway bridge should be underground at direct way, Trains too expensive, casual parking also too expensive. Everyone try to ripoff people in this part of the earth.
danddanddand 10-2-2008 12:15 Train doesn't run early in morning nor late at night, despite being a 24hour airport... Train is so expensive that its cheaper to get a taxi if you have more than one person. Highway to the airport (the gateway) is over capacity, if there is an accident expect 2 hours delay and missed flights. Good airport, crappy infrastructure for moving people around once you get their.
batcher 04-25-2008 07:09 There is a rail link to the city, but the trains are infrequent (half an hour), expensive (if there are two or more of you a taxi is cheaper), inconvenient (you can't buy a combined ticket because they use a different ticketing system), cramped (there are only two luggage racks per carriage, and they are too small - so people have to leave their bags in the aisle) and worst of all, stops at 8pm at night even though the airport has flights running until midnight. The only thing that keeps this thing running is the state government who put traffic lights the roundabout entering the airport, causing huge traffic jams at peak times. (The airport corporation sticking an unzoned shopping outlet near here didn't help either). Welcome to Brisbane Airport! :-(
ash.1111 12-26-2006 05:06 Should bulid that 2nd Runway.
ronjeffery 11-24-2006 00:06 Could be a lot better considering amount of traffic going through BNE