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Lukeelms 02-20-2014 10:57 AM Will suck the joy out of travelling starting with the £2.50 charge to drop off at the airport over zealous security who like to rub down the male passengers and let all the women through the departure lounge is an ante room for hell with the rudest staff I have ever met thinking of selling up and moving just so I do not have to use this airport again
Champton123 06-14-2013 7:09 PM Parking or dropping off only is daylight robbery. You are subject to charges as soon as you drive on the property. Immigration processing is dreadful. The arrivals hall is the most unwelcoming and bare new building I have seen in the UK
dorsetbeachcomber 04-25-2011 6:59 AM An excellent airport sadly underused. Parking to check-in walking time only 5 minutes.
Area 51 12-13-2010 9:16 PM An excellent, recently upgraded regional airport with very good passenger facilities. Bournemouth is very underserved by airlines, & has a distinct lack of UK & European city routes, & has no scheduled long haul flights. At present, the terminal area is continually improving, & hopefully more airlines will fly from here soon!
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 2:54 PM a lovely little regional airport that has a lot of un used potential.