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HungryPill 05-2-2010 1:29 AM Of all the airports i have gone through, the Boise Airport is the best in terms of good service, low wait time, and best value. Highly recommend!
edgedes 10-18-2009 2:23 AM Having lived in 23 cities in my 45 yrs and traveling 3-4x/month, I have to say that I love the Boise airport! TSA is always fast, professional and miracle of miracles, when the lines pick up they open new ones! Baggage claim is also fast. The airport has a fabulous staff in all areas, many of our out of town visitors comment as well. THANK YOU.
gfranke 02-4-2008 6:40 PM Restaurants have best food value of any airport I have ever used. Was told airport does not charge percentage of profits to vendors. Only real fault - My cellphone was out of service and had to use payphones which charged outrageous rates.
jekyblue 12-19-2007 4:26 PM Among the nicest, most efficient security staff that I have encountered.