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dano93 11-29-2013 10:01 PM I have come to this airport many times the past 30-40 years. Like India in general - there have been great improvements. But unfortunately, the rest of the world have improved at a greater rate, so the gap to Mumbai airport has increased. Very disorganized (e.g. not enough carts in baggage claim), extremely stinky bathrooms, rude staff (they act like they own the place instead of being welcoming), and horrible access - all roads in Mumbai are forever blocked. In short - still one of the worst airports I have every been at.
gat78 07-27-2012 7:37 AM Good improvement since the same was taken over by GVK group....but a very long long way to go to reach a status/place among the best airports in the world...definitely the best airport in India...
misslinius 01-6-2011 10:22 AM Vast improvement over it's 2-year older self...
bombaymadness 10-25-2010 7:40 PM Not sure about domestic travel, but vast improvements in terms of international travel. Immigration and baggage is a breeze. Customs is slow, but much better than yesteryears. The arrival/welcome area outside the airport is much improved and hence less crowded now. Overall a decent airport but needs better educated personnel
venkataramanm 04-16-2010 8:31 AM Vast improvement over the last 2 years; immigration is quick especially when getting in. Baggage handling is slow and has to improve. Duty free is good, but tad expensive.
GuyFromBOM 03-24-2010 9:31 AM Fantastic experience... Highly improved as compared to 5 years ago...! The Modernisation process is not yet complete.
Mandars 03-5-2010 11:32 AM Airport infrastructure has improved significantly, immigration is fast , only problem is customs clearance with long ques and baggage scan even in nothing to declare zone for international arrivals
stealthfighter 12-22-2009 9:02 AM Shameful! Shoddy! Abysmal on-time performance and poorly trained and ill behaved staff. The approach roads are one of the worst hit by traffic 24/7. I would have rated this in a negative if those were available. The washroom facilities stink and the staff is out to harass you. Delays are the norm and not just minute delays. I think they pride themselves on how late a flight departs. Forget any help or directions if you need them. Not enough screens for information. The govt and airport authorities need to take stock and make super efforts to even make it an airport with something more than just landing strips. Enough said!
gmculley 10-28-2009 11:53 AM I have used this airport frequently over the last 18 months and I must say it has improved markedly. However, the immigration staff are rude and the security staff are equally bad. It can often be chaotic with a lack of organisation and clear information. Lots of pointless stamping of bits of paper, bemusing the first time through.
beepr22 10-20-2009 5:13 PM I have been using BOM for over twenty years - it is nowhere near the standards in the west - but they are making progress. Every time I come back to Bombay - it has improved that much more, hopefully some day, in the near future it will achieve its goals of providing standards comparable to the best airports in the world and it will be counted as one of the "Best" in this part of the world.
charmny 06-14-2009 6:25 AM One word: NAUSEATING But It is way better than the "NEW" bangalore airport. Drawbacks of Mumbai airport: (i) STINKIEST TOILETS IN THE WORLD! God!! (ii) very disorganized and CHAOTIC (iii) lot of thefts and insecurity Merits: (i) Best international and domestic connectivity (beating Delhi and Chennai) (ii) Better public relations than Bangalore/Hyderabad (iii) Better transport facilities to the city
richardpinto20 03-12-2009 3:44 PM Please Dont Go On My Markings This The Worse Airport I Have Ever Seen
kathill 02-17-2009 6:43 PM All comfortable seating has been removed, the ayurvedic drug store is gone, all crafts stores have been removed, the only shopping is either overpriced tourist dreck or high end brand names that have nothing to do with India. The remodelling has removed all charm and enjoyment.
buckbrown97 08-26-2008 9:01 PM Hideous. No other word for it. This airport scares me. Security does not pay attention to anything that is going on. Dirty, uncomfortable.
chavalikumar 03-26-2008 12:49 AM For the lack of a better word; this airport is just disgusting; lots of theives, Mostly from customs department; keep everything legal and within limit; still these people find ways to hustle money from you; And this is about the international terminal; The domestic terminal is a whole different story; It has a seperate building which is supposed to be an architectural wonder and it is that but nothing else; for all the places they serve in india, they forgot to put enough TV screens across the terminals; Seems that they thought that it is enough if they built a pretty building and called it an airport.
sunil_kelkar 03-25-2008 12:20 PM The departures area is OK. But once I was waiting in the arrivals to receive my son who was flying in from CDG. I got just the cold, stale food in the lounge, at a price even an Ambani or a Mallya would think twice before paying. By the time I picked my son and reached home, my stomach was already aching.
nbiswas 03-6-2008 4:05 AM The customs people routinely harrass and threaten foreign passengers for money on flimsy pretext and you have to pay up or else. This airport is notorious for this over many years and yet the powers that be - maybe because they share in the spoils - do not care to correct the situation. They will "charge" you - in dollars, if I may add - for carrying cellphones, personal jewellery, and especially laptops. If you can avoid this airport, do so at all costs for inbound foreign travel.
vikram dewan 02-24-2008 6:11 PM what a dump but undergoing a makeover after privatisation so hope for the best.
yousufebrahim 01-11-2008 4:47 PM yes or no? let me think about that.... (2 nanoseconds later) NO. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL AIRPORT
roxray 09-5-2007 5:50 PM Unfortunately the airport services are very bad. Things can improve if politics does not play a large role. There would be immense potential if the land around the runway which is now full of slums could be made free. Also basic facilities like the toilets, places to eat, information about flights etc should be drastically improved.
CRoigk 08-7-2007 1:47 PM You do not want to be in this airport
dharmesh 07-26-2007 9:21 PM excellent
mehulab 06-2-2007 5:23 AM I have seen significant improvement in airport in last 5-7 years and it's still on the upward move. I won't be surprised to see it turn into world class airport in next 2-3 years. The only problem which may continue to exist will be due to limited space for airport expansion.
shaun 05-9-2007 4:46 PM pls can u go lower grade then this i could not punch anything below that i hope in the next 40 years u will cope up to some improvment good luck
sureshladde 04-16-2007 12:40 PM best airport and service in india
cpved 04-16-2007 8:54 AM Refreshing improvements
dsmpsm 12-16-2006 5:35 AM Thieves on Airport, Need good Inexpensive Cafeteria for people to be able to eat. Need clean bathrooms that do not smell.
xs2jayesh 11-28-2006 12:18 AM One of the worst airports in the world..