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dodotravel 11-26-2013 12:34 PM Inability to change terminals for connecting flights without exiting security is inexcusable. There is no reason that a gate to gate bus could not be provided.
JeffinMass 10-16-2013 9:05 PM KBOS is also a beautiful airport to Spot at :)
aaron1116 06-30-2013 8:59 PM I love this airport! (also my home airport) Things that could be better though: 1. flights to more destinations 2. better baggage handling
chipbeam 03-19-2013 1:22 PM Slowly getting better, the free wi-fi and trolleys at international are pluses, very slow baggage handling general dirty feeling and lack of choices for food with lots of small terminals are minuses. The stores have lowered prices, but you still find expensive bottled water despite promises of "mall pricing." The parking is insanely expensive, so most use the bus or get dropped off. The Immigartion people in terminal E are efficient and as nice as that job allows, but sadly international is getting harder -- we lost half our flights to London with AA pulling out and handing it to BA, and last month a round trip in business class to Heathrow was cheaper from LAX than BOS even though BOS-LAX is half the distance.
cbandmj 10-7-2012 6:56 PM this airport seemed a little aged, was ok but could have been better
alohamerdeka 11-20-2011 1:40 PM My hub. A very mixed bag. It has improved somewhat over the years. Rest/bars are outrageously priced, too bad. Good location in comparison to many major western cities.
potwasher48 03-11-2011 1:08 AM Biggest questionmark goes to virtually any authority figure. Whether TSA or State police it's a toss up for being helpful or just so obnoxious that you can't stand being there. Average overall for a very busy place. Public service has no meaning to any employee or the Port Aithority, it's primarily run as an employment source for political payback. Airlines are an incidental. Airline employees are usually helpful.
KathyAh 11-21-2010 7:49 PM This is my home airport, and it's a mixed bag. Though it has improved in the past 5 years, it could be better for the number of passengers that pass through. Terminals B and E definitely need improvement, C has gotten better with new restaurant choices, and A is the newest and best (with the exception of the loooonnng walk to the outer gates. Security lines have gotten worse with the use of the nude-o-scanners, and the attitudes vary. For a while there were some real nasty TSA personnel at Terminal B. Also, the preferred lines aren't always open, which is really hellacious during peak vacation season. Parking is over-priced and often packed. Lately I have gotten there and they have had to valet my car. Satellite lot is a 15 minute shuttle ride away. Taxis are really overpriced, and unless you are from here, the odds are they will take you the long way. Taxi dispatch is a joke-Massport employees often send taxis to another terminal while there is a line a mile long waiting for service. Flights are overall cheaper now from BOS than PVD and MHT, and there's more of them.
axlekb 08-19-2010 7:54 PM Why I like BOS: It's fast. Security lines are usually less than 10 minutes long. Short walk to gate from terminal entrance (except the other side of Terminal A) Can be at South Station in 15 minutes via public transportation.
nickmarconi019` 08-13-2010 7:36 PM This is a very nice airport, it is a little strange that Southwest Airlines has been placed in the International Terminal E. I guess they ran out of room.
Westhighlander 07-22-2010 7:09 AM Huge improvement in facilities and user friendliness made over the past five years to now at true world class status -- particularly Term A, Term E Needs direct access to Asia put it in the top few overall
lawrence3178 02-24-2010 2:50 PM overall a good airport HOWEVER..... despite its close proximity to the city, it can take over an hour to get too and from there! the metro service is good however its your typical city metro and i certainly wouldnt like to use it as an option after a transatlantic flight. Taxies are good but can be costly once they have navigated Bostons Toll tunnels and bridges. international arrivals are good but it can take a while to clear immigration and customs due to all of the european flights arriving at pretty much the same time. International departures are not so good. the lounges are cramped and do not cater for larger numbers of passengers found on anything bigger than a 757! there are no facilities for eating or shopping in the international terminal however the domestic area is fine. security lines tend to be long and move slowly which isnt so good if you are an international passenger trying to get a coffee!!!!!!! i have flown through BOS over 20 times now both as an international and domestic passenger - it isnt the best airport in the world but its a lot better than some others!
jumpeight 02-11-2010 6:21 PM i grew up here and live here in summer and children live here so i just suck it up and f ly in. PVD has no non stop flights from PBI and too long a drive (great airport though) Boston is dirty, grungy, nasty employees, terrible food, no decent shops (think charlotte, harrisburg...anywhere). parking & cabs are boston-style expensive. but so close to downtown, it's a quick ride. since i always bring a laptop and kindle, really what do i care. an airport is an airport-don't really want a massage or a/c bedroom or whatever. just want to get in and out, and Boston is the same as anywhere else...
rickren 12-20-2009 9:28 PM Dirty!
hgc2360 11-8-2009 3:34 AM No restroom after you pass the security check point are you kidding me good luck to you if your flight is delay and you have to wait for a while and has no place to relief yourself
pilotmoran 07-9-2009 1:16 AM Logan has gotten better over the past few years. I used to fly out of Manchester(MHT) and Providence(PVD) to avoid Logan(and for better fares) but now with JetBlue and AirTran(and soon Southwest, starting Chicago and Baltimore flights Aug. 16th) well established and keeping fares in check, I have been getting lower fares out of Logan. It is also easier to get to/park in and a faster ride to my house than MHT or PVD. The interiors vary by terminal. A(Alaska Air, Continental, Delta/Northwest) is the newest, bright, most modern and probably the best. B has two sides, the US Airways/Air Canada side and the American Airlines/Virgin America/Spirit Air side. The ticket lobbies of both terminals are too small to handle the number of passengers that travel here. Expect long lines during peak times. For those with carry-on's only, US Airways has kiosks so you can skip the line. For American Airlines customers, use the kiosks by the American Eagle counter(next to security). This saved me 20-30 minutes when I flew out last December. The American Airlines side is better in the gate area, recently remodeled/renovated. The US Airways side is ok, but lagging in terms of concessions. On to Terminal C: you have the AirTran mini-pier which lacks in concessions, the United pier which is just dreadful(long security lines, dreary, etc) and the jetBlue pier which I have heard is good(havn't flown out of there. The ticket lobby is open and not that crowded(thanks to Continental moving out) upgraded/remodeled concessions areas. Terminal E varies. When I flew out of there in mid 2006, they had renovated the ticket lobby and arrivals area(similar to A). The gate areas were mid-renovation. I think they finished renovations in the gate areas(hopefully for the better).
buckbrown97 08-26-2008 9:08 PM One of the worst airports in the US. Ugly, dingy, a pain to get around in. Nothing worse than standing downstairs waiting for a shuttle, only to have to play 'frogger' to get to the bus because everyone in Boston thinks it is ok to park wherever they please. The rental cars areas - no matter what brand - are an unmitigated disaster - expect to wait for a car even if you are #1 Gold, Avis preferred, or other top tier. Baggage claim in depressing. And if I have to listen to 'Logan Airport Radio' much longer I will stick a pen in my ears to relieve the pain. Getting to the airport is a real treat; if there is an accident in one of the tunnels expect major delays. The only positive thing I can think of is that the T station is close by to catch the train down town. Cabs are a rip off. If you are trying to get to Chelsea expect the cab driver to give you a hard time and then drive you down town first. Happened to me twice -- tried to turn a $10 fare into $35.
irvman21 07-24-2008 6:03 PM The experience at Logan varies widely by terminal. A is new, it's nice and has several reasonable dining options. B is middle of the road, nothing special, but not horrible. C is a joke, it's definitely one of the worst terminals in the country. E is also horrible, not nearly enough places to sit or dining options, which is really strange for an international terminal. It's incredibly crowded and uncomfortable, trash everywhere, just miserable. The one thing that is consistent throughout all of the terminals is TSA. Boston has the angriest, rudest, least professional TSA agents I have ever dealt with. They are openly hostile towards passengers in many cases with no provocation and seemed permanently pissed off that they made the choice to work for TSA. Don't take it out on me, I'm just a guy trying to fly home to my family.
feedback07 06-12-2008 7:19 PM As an airport it's not terrible. However security is ridiculous and staff are overall ruder than average. Terminal location is confusing and definitely could be outlayed better. Delays are less likely than average in my experience, but if you do get delayed, good luck staying here.
KevGuy 03-5-2008 6:49 PM This place is dingy and dark. Talk about depressing when coming back from a trip, ughhh!!
anshjain 02-25-2008 3:13 PM needs more intl routes , not modern
727stretch 01-17-2008 11:50 PM Despite Logan's continual refurbishing, it doesn't stand out among large east coast airports. Some of the new terminals (A - Delta & Continental; the jetBlue portion of C, and E) are very well laid-out and modern, while others (B, D, parts of C) are stuck in the 70s with low ceilings and terrible ventilation. It all depends on what airline you are flying. The best thing Logan has going for it is the proximity of public transportation and location compared to the city. You can take the "T" system from the airport to downtown in about 10 minutes, all for a couple bucks.
cluth 10-29-2007 1:39 AM Horrible layout when connecting from an international to a domestic flight--even a tiny DL RJ from Canada. First, a bus ride from your plane, which is parked at a gate in terminal A, to terminal E. Then a long wait for passport control (staffed by some of the rudest INS agents I've ever encountered), another long wait through customs (with some of the rudest customs agents I've ever encountered), and finally a long transit outside of security through a sky bridge across the entire airport BACK to terminal A, where you have to wait to reclear security. At least there was a Fuddruckers waiting for me on the other side. On a previous trip where BOS was my final destination, I was pleased that I could navigate from the airport to the city via public transit, but the current setup with the bus to the T station is a bit of a pain. (We did not try the Silver Line BRT.) One wonders what transit planners are thinking when they don't extend [rail] rapid transit directly to the airport terminal...
e3151110 10-9-2007 2:20 PM National Car Rental is a mess at BOS
wwwilkie 09-3-2007 5:14 PM My experience is limited to Terminal A, but it is a very nice terminal with a decent amount of dining and shopping options. Very nice Crown Rooms in both sections of the Terminal. The only real hassle is the terminal split so making a connection between A12 and A16 could actually take a long time as you must go under the taxiway to the other end of the terminal gates. I hear delays can get bad here but I have been fortunate thus far.
mrp032754 08-16-2007 5:31 PM Logan Airport is a pain in the a$$ to and from . It is located in East Boston across the harbor from the rest of Boston. Fly in to Providence or Manchester whenever possible. Granted Logan has more direct flights but Southwest has driven the airfares in Providence and Manchester way way down !
kschendel 07-25-2007 4:56 PM Avoid; use PVD or MHT instead. At least (unlike PHL) it has a decent airfield, but that's the only plus. Difficult to access (tho much better since the williams tunnel); terminals are hot, crowded, and dirty; and the security theatre is equalled by very few for nastiness and pettiness. I'll tolerate BOS for the occasional trans-atl connection but that's about it.
jaboy7788w 07-3-2007 1:06 AM this is a big airport. i went to this airport and out of this airport for a trip canda.
Barx 06-30-2007 8:50 PM Boston Logan airport continues to be one of the nastiest, dirtiest, repulsive, expensive, most congested airports staffed with some of the rudest people imaginable. The change of airport managers/commissioners over a year ago has not done anything to improve it.
erikmollo 06-22-2007 5:33 PM This is my home so I tolerate it. Massport is greedy and customer amenities are few. Public transportation is abysmal considering we just spent $16 billion on the Big Dig system. They just don't get it.
jpholl10 06-5-2007 7:16 PM Top 5 worst airport ever. No amount of money can change this. The employees who work in this are are incredibly rude.
businesstravelr 05-22-2007 7:42 PM Logan offers the most direct flights in the area, and this is why I tolerate it. Traffic to and from the airport is atrocious - I will only fly at ungodly hours like 6am or midnight otherwise traffic makes getting to the airport impossible to plan around. Baggage handling is the second nightmare. Checked bags take in excess of 45 minutes to arrive from the plane, if not more. If other local airports offered additional direct flights (PVD, for example), I would never use Logan.
infinity 04-7-2007 7:07 PM The portion of Terminal C used by AirTran is abysmal and is not AirTran's fault. The departure check-in and gates are on the terminal's ground level, whereas all other airline departure check-in and gates are one level above. A totally confusing and chaotic situation ensues.
JackG 04-7-2007 6:37 PM Logan has always been a disaster; even with the upgrades nothing has changed. Hard to find anything positive about this airport; only exception is it's the shortest flight to London.
sashner 03-7-2007 9:15 PM No Intl Routes out of Carribbean and Europe. Term E is only intl term with awful lounges. Must go landside for all flights arriving internationally which means a 20 min bus, long walk or cab to terms A, C, B. Terms C, B ancient. Delta Term A cannot do intl arrivals/deps (along with Term C, B). No Airtrain system (ala JFK) to navigate the mess of construction that is Logan. No effective way to city center (20+ min wait for bus - which is often late to a T station THEN to a T). Often are forced to share cabs. Parking without paying $200 per year for a reserved spot is the pits. Lounges cannot provide WiFi so Massport can squeeze every dollar out of you. Nasty TSA and ICE agents. Overall 180 degree turn from the NEW JFK - save for Delta - a HORRID Entry/Exit to the USA for a fine city.