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Alb4tross 12-11-2013 9:52 PM Bad location, rude security staff - comment to an elderly gent who was very unhappy "Perhaps you should wear slip-on shoes next time you come here" Poor and overpriced restaurant facilities, charge for trolleys and dropping off passengers, scandalous.
Alex1611 07-28-2013 12:23 PM Nice little regional airport I am disabled and always had excellent help at this airport getting to and from my flight. Good regular flights to main hub airports in Europe.
triggj 12-22-2012 3:00 PM Good for a regional airport
stuart.kerr 06-24-2012 8:37 AM An airport which is in the middle of no where. Very poor transport connections. No good network to motorways or rail stations. Terminal is basic, seating is uncomfortable, gate line queues florm in the terminal area and block terminal areas. Plus point, Free wifi available. Parking is expenisve favourable prices are offerred for a week, however prices for a few days exceed double the weekly price. Huge room for improvements. 12-23-2010 3:05 PM Abysmal communication with customers in the event of a delayed flight. Information desk permanently unstaffed. "Helpline" permanently busy. VERY expensive parking on a poorly maintained gravel lot. I try to avoid BRS whenever possible.
sb4100 04-8-2009 5:29 PM best airport ive been to, excellent
phillynne 05-31-2008 7:12 AM Ff you enjoy queueing this airport is for you.Baggage reclaim regularly takes 45mins 5 cubicles only in departures with regular queues to use them
Reykjavikbjarni 04-6-2008 5:26 PM Bristol Airport struggles to support peak periods in the morning. There is limited seating sometimes and the queues at the bar are sometimes very long. staffing at some bars is down to one and you can wait in a queue of 10 to 15 people which is very poor.
maesydderwen 02-13-2007 10:51 PM Positive points: Significant increase in destinations served in recent years. The Continental Airlines service to New York is excellent. Negative points : Having to walk to the aicraft especially in bad weather The airport is badly located - not an easy airport to get to. Check in is not good for charter flights but good with Continental