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markcomp 12-8-2011 1:01 PM Great airport, very quick and easy to use. Picking up friends is a complete pain on the other hand as parking works out expensive. I now wait at MacDonalds and watch arrival times on my laptop, then drive in. If I was able to wait at the airport or at least park cheaply say for 30 minutes I would more likely spend money there. The airports loss.
TimothyJones 09-2-2011 7:42 AM There is no information desk in Terminal 2 once you have gone through the gates. My attempts just to contact Budapest Airport Police about a theft from a suitcase have met with no success.
jalabang000 06-3-2008 2:03 PM Quite a pleasant airport, nothing there to make you go WOW however. Public transport is adequate, a train station by T1 operating services into Budapest Keleti-pu for 300ft (though you have to buy a ticket from a desk in the terminal) and the 200 bus connecting to the Metro M3 at Kobanya-Kispest to Déak Ferenc tér. Shopping and catering were good, standard Eastern European fayre and a little overpriced. Security - no hassle, except for the attempted confiscation of a liquid product in a 99g container.
idiotking 04-28-2008 7:08 PM No great shakes as an international gateway, but clean, small, and efficient. Have never encountered any huge crowds or lines any of the four times I've used BUD. Not a lot in the way of services or comforts, but perfectly adequate and efficient. Only pain is transportation, which requires either a taxi (make SURE you order one from a company or the taxi desk, so you can be sure of the price! Lots of hacks outside looking to gouge), or taking a bus around to the M3 subway station, which requires climbing a few flights of stairs before the long ride into the city. Not exactly pleasant if you're lugging a lot!
fstaneke 12-17-2007 11:48 PM I used Ferihegy around 7 times as a transit passenger. Though I could not have been in contact with any passengers /persons I had to go through security check again. I once had a discussion about this with a very gentle lady in front of the X ray scanner who actually agreed with me about the unnessecity of security re-checks in that case. The very unpolite bastard after the X ray machine probably thought that I was making arguments, which was not the case, but he gave me the pay back treatment. I had to start up my laptop computer only to stall me, even though I already had a short connection. Upon me asking his reasons I did not get any answer whatsoever. He even walked away, very happily smiling. This unpolite attitude is more common in the Budapest airport.
dkatz 08-23-2007 7:51 AM The comment above is about Terminal 1 which is used by low fare airlines.
IC PLUS 06-5-2007 4:26 PM Ferieghy airport has been completely renovated recently. The airport is not very big, it's efficient and it gives a good impression to the passenger. BUD is surely better than some middle sized airports in western Europe