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traveller17 11-23-2011 6:11 PM There is only an inefficient tranfer bus to the city centre of Paris, whose yourney is very long and expencive. Not to mentioned the fact that every incoming fight has only a bus ready outside the terminal only 20 mins after the scheduled arrival of the flight. This means if your flight is delayed (even yust 10 mins) you wouldn't be able to catch your bus! when i arrived at bva from vce my flight was 30 mins delayed, and also another flight from bcn was arriving in delay. as a consequence there were no busses at all waiting outside the terminal,so at about 300 passengers had to wait more than an hour and a half to chatch their busses. there was no staff halping passengers while waitng, furthermore the long Q was outside (in the carpark) so there was no way to seat. All I can say is that there is no organization at all in this airport!, and it's facilities don't allow passenger to catch their bus in only 20 mins!! I suggest to implement the bus service to Paris city centre introducing more busses in terms of capacity and frequency.
Brigata 03-7-2010 11:19 AM Very poor airport...
JFER1980 03-2-2010 10:12 PM Absolutely chaotic place. They don't publish gate numbers until the last minute sending crazy Ryanair travelers running everywhere stepping on and knocking people down. 90% of the people in the gate area did not have a place to sit down. Avoid unless you get a really good price. The bus system to get to Paris did work well on one positive note.