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kkiddkkidd 09-14-2011 00:06 For some reason, late flights into BWI seem to always be late due to "congestion".
catbert10 02-25-2011 13:49 BWI has the most inconvenient rental car facility in all the domestic airports I flown through, and that's a lot. The rental car facility is approximately 10 minutes from the terminal, and the buses are always crowded to the point where there's no space to stand in the bus aisle.
labatarelle 02-6-2011 00:18 Rental car site requires a 10 minute bus ride on busses that are ALWAYS late and crowded. If you're not flying SOUTHWEST, forget about any decent food/beverage options, and if you're flying thru the terminal used by USAIRWAYS, the security line is wrapped around the corner 90% of the time.
maierbd 02-10-2010 22:26 BWI has no Frequent Flyer Clubs or Business Lounges available. There are no moving sidewalks in the airport anywhere. There are no gates open near the ternimal. All departure and arrival gates are located at the far end of each concourse, making the passenger walk the maximum possible distance. There are no trams or carts running to assist those in need of help getting to the terminal. A very unfriendly airport to anyone who is injured or impaired from walking long distances. Minimal comforts for the rest of us.
swpercussionist4420 11-25-2008 02:16 BWI is a good airport, it has a very good layout. All the terminals are attached to one building which makes it very nice for connecting flights. I always use BWI. The only bad thing is how long it takes to get your luggage after your flight lands. Ive never gotten it within 30 minutes.
upsman50 08-5-2008 15:43 without a doubt, the longest time from arrival to getting baggage in the U.S. After delivery of baggage, regardless of airline, is 45 minutes
idiotking 04-28-2008 20:22 Like a minature Schipol, in a way! All the terminals connect to one central building, making connections a breeze. TSA isn't much worse (or much better) than elsewhere in the US, and certainly the overal procedure is much smoother than the other DC-area airports. Exteremely convenient for travel to Baltimore, and not much worse than Dulles if going to DC. I miss the days when this was my home airport (I'm in NYC now).... but currently, as it's become a discount carrier hub, the options for international travel and travel to major airports has become kind of limited.
tja 12-5-2007 05:47 If only more international flights flew out of here instead of Dulles.
autophile 10-26-2007 03:03 No airport is great, but this one is up there. You just CANNOT get lost at BWI, either by car or on foot. I highly recommend this airport.
MKButler9 08-24-2007 02:48 Absolutley the worst baggae check in service I have ever seen. Very slow and unaware at the delta check in.
creepymcgee 08-10-2007 15:09 BWI is pretty much the best airport ever. I mean, what other airport would think to have a crab house in it!
GVOSCH 08-10-2007 12:42 Always running late.This needs work From the last time i was heare till now..What happend?????
zippyjet 08-6-2007 03:21 Worked here for over five years. Generally a great place to work (my airline). Airport has improved over the past five years but, there is room for improvement. The Good: Pier A and B are the showcase piers. New, clean bright and air conditioned. Southwest being the biggest tenant at BWI, they get the lion's share of attention and improvements. Pier C---Delta, American, Northwest older but kept up and generally has decent air conditioning. Pier E: International Concourse...built in 1997 and in good shape. Southwest and us Air Tran as the top carriers, great fare deals and flight selection. Uppder deck accesibility much improved since marathon construction project is finally coming to an end. The Not So Good/Needs Improvement: Pier D, built in the late 70's/early 80's is dated and showing signs of neglect and ware. Air Conditioning in many parts of concourse D is pathetic! BWI is state owned and operated therefore, getting things done/repaired can be a time consuming exercise. Pier D is on the dreary side with that generic 1970's airport design. Needs updating and upgrading. No carts for passengers. And a lot of disabled passengers come through requiring wheel chair assistance because of this. Food Outlets: Variety and food quality improving but, service is still inefficient and slow at times. Many of our passengers have missed flights because they had to wait a half hour for their fast food burger. Also, the food joints close by 8:00 pm. Though we, and the other airlines have late flights especially during this crazy summer. We tell the airport administration this and the food places still close early 8:00 pm.
DebR 07-29-2007 12:26 Easy access to this airport, plenty of parking. Good selection of hotels with shuttles. Baggage handling is slow at times. Bathrooms need repairs and better cleaning.
weji13 07-2-2007 21:37 Dreary in spots, but gets the job done. Not crazy about the restaurants or restaurant personnel. Many working in the "upscale"-sit down restaurants seem as though it's his/her first day on the job... Food prices seem high for so-so food quality.
garyhymes 06-27-2007 02:20 Under construction on certain terminals (D) - can't wait for them to finish.
wsuffa 05-25-2007 00:23 Rude and s..l...o...w... service by airport employees and customer service agents. One of the worst rental car arrangements there is. It takes 30 minutes from deboarding to getting rental car. ANd then VERY expensive airport fees on car rentals. Very inconvenient. Not for the business traveler.
JonStrater 04-5-2007 16:51 I have lived in both Washington DC and Baltimore. I now live outside of Boston and I miss the convenience of BWI. It's convenient to both Baltimore and DC (although much closer to Baltimore), and is MUCH cheaper than flying out of Reagan (DCA) or Dulles (IAD). It is also an easy airport to navigate. The gate piers branch off ONE terminal. Upstairs is ticketing and departures, downstairs is baggage and all ground transport. Southwest airlines dominates all of Terminal A and most of B. Because of this, I find BWI to be a superb "safe-haven" if weather is moving across the country, due to the frequency of Southwest flights. I know if I can at least get to BWI, I can get to my destination or home. The only problem area is the distance from the airport to the rental car garage. It's a seven minute shuttle ride out to the rental building, and there are no obvious gas stations in the immediate area. The rental building itself is easy.
mantes 02-16-2007 22:54 Overall a good airport. Main complaint: Bags take about 30 mins to arrive at baggage claim after the plane has reached gate.