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titibk 06-13-2013 11:28 PM I like this airport.
El Grinta 10-10-2009 9:24 PM Honestly the worst qirport i ever landed in Africa. Example? You never know at what time the flight will take off. When you collect the baggage you have to go on the landing area almost and then to be able to catch your luggage you have to climb on the trolleys. The condition of the airport are totally inadequate, nothing is working nothing is need to say anything more.
bobzr 12-16-2008 8:21 AM The worst African airport I've ever been!
gojothebear 09-25-2008 11:57 PM The majority of these categories are completely unapplicable to Maya Maya, and truthfully it's not that big of a deal that there isn't a children's play area (that would be a ridiculous luxury here). But what makes flying out of Maya Maya completely horrific is how difficult it is to check in and get to the waiting area. Whenever there is more than one flight scheduled (which is several times a day) it is very difficult to get into the check-in room. Even holding my 16-month old, I was pushed and elbowed. The security personnel maintain nearly no order. Checking in is virtually impossible without a porter guiding the process. There is often a huge mass of people in a small room all trying to get checked-in. There is nothing posted to indicate which "line" is for which flight, and at particularly chaotic times, tickets are asked to be passed forward, names called out, and luggage hoisted over everyone else's head as someone from the back of the line is called to check in. I have been in many airports in over 35 countries in 5 continents (including at least 8 African airports) and my husband has been in more and we both agree that this is the worst airport we've ever used.