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csemmler11 07-26-2014 05:08 Only use this airport if you must. From Hong Kong consider the ferry system. Its not much better if at all but it is more interesting.
tipster44 02-9-2014 22:28 once you enter the international departure wing you are stuck in there . amenities for international travelers is terrible . could not access internet with laptop , connection was asking for mobile number which dosent come with my laptop so my 8 hour layover dragged on forever . international wing stinks of smoke as smoking is allowed in airport even though its in a designated smoking area . we will try to stay away from this airport in the future . as a side note I think if they want to serve English speaking countries the flight attendants should be fluent in the English language . which they are not .
GeorgieBoy87 05-20-2013 06:47 This is an appalling airport to travel through. It is very disorganised, very crowded, there are long distances to walk, everything takes a long time and no flights ever seem to run on time. I like China Southern as an airline, but I am not going to travel on it again if I have to come through here.
zin.duong 12-20-2012 19:40 I have never experienced a flight on time departing from this airport (during my last 30 flights...)
TKWizard 07-19-2011 19:55 An average airport. I was only here for the few hours waiting for my flight back to YYZ (Toronto) with my HKG (Hong Kong) stopover. At the time, the metro to the airport was not open so I had no choice but to take the Airport shuttle from the main railway station. Also, if you're going to Hong Kong from this airport, MAKE SURE that you're going to International Departures because even though Hong Kong is technically part of China, it is not a Domestic Flight. The line to get through customs to the waiting area took a long time probably because it was rush hour during the time. Washrooms were surprisingly clean and Potty based and not the Hole based that you see in many other locations in Guangzhou. Seating was alright and I managed to get a little rest before my flight arrived at the gate.
vangine 10-14-2010 06:49 Good compared to other China airport.But eating is awesome bad and high pricing.
jemerlia 07-17-2010 12:09 * No attention given to check-in organization - locals push in as and where they please. If you're a foreigner then watch out! * Airline staff (Shenzhen Airlines) are not only unsupportive but belligerent - if they mess up your flights it's your fault! * The airport is illogical in its layout and it's often necessary to cover vast distances during transfers. * If you must use this airport (sadly sometimes unavoidable because it's a hub) then be there at least 2 hours before your flight!
joshuaheller 04-6-2010 02:43 A big fake Hong Kong airport waste of time. Not even a friggin' Starbucks. Get in and get out.
ymoeller 10-14-2007 09:03 You do not know where you are, you have no clue where to go, but for sure it will take a long time. When paying for excess luggage you do not get a receipt, the check in person pockets the money