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wetfoot 04-19-2013 3:36 AM DL premier club is one of the worse lounges that I have ever seeing. It is not worthy to even get in there.
Miguel Angel Monta� 03-2-2011 4:13 AM Very unfriendly staff, little or no English spoken at an International Airport?
Roetgen 08-31-2010 7:48 AM This aiport need more gates and another hotel. People are friendly. Security is poor but not dangerous. A lot of passangers trip to Europe, airliners needs change their fleet for big planes. Venezuela is a really nice country, the big problem is currency exchange.
walmslan 08-1-2010 7:18 PM Big problem with the security of your luggage. Random bags are picked off by the ground staff and your goods stolen. Recommend no valuables stored inside your luggage. Airlines whom use the airport will ignore your complaints. You have been warned!
Racu 07-18-2010 7:22 PM "Atencion al pasajero" is not doing what they are supossed to do, The only way you can contact any representative from any airline once you are inside is waiting for one flight departure/arrival, otherwise even "Atencion al pasajero", may call them, but they never show up, I'm very very disappointed(maybe one case in a million, well, I don't think so).
Tupper 05-14-2010 12:52 AM This is the worst place I have ever been, and I have to travel all over the world because of my line of business. In just one word: Awful!
ponciostr 05-10-2010 8:38 PM ok! its not the best airport in South America... and are not the best moments in venezuela rigth now beacuse chavez... if you just get a connection its not too bad!. outside i recomend do not stay long! and its pretty desorganized! but its a comfortable airport and have good iternational destination despite chavez situation... well! after all is not a bad airport, its my home gate :D
carlos hernandez 06-11-2008 2:03 AM Excellent and beautiful airport
sergio ramirez 05-26-2008 10:45 PM need a handicap facilities
leoncastro 12-12-2007 1:44 PM An average airport. Arrival immigration has improved with the remodel building and computers. It is less painful to arrive that what it is to depart. If you are not part of any "frequent flier" program you may find the queues a little bothersome. What I can really say that is way better than any airport in some African countries.
segab79 11-12-2007 10:42 AM Terrible airport- Bad Service - They opened the passenger's luggage - try to avoid it - Use alternative airports (Panama City; or the very efficient Bogota, Colombia)
CRoigk 08-7-2007 2:07 PM Watch out for your baggage ! Transited twice via CCS and on both occasions my electrical razor was " lost " during baggage handling.
pedroblanco 06-22-2007 10:48 AM It's a pity, for a long time Maiquetìa was one of the best airports in south, with the 'bolivarian revolution", it feels like being in La Habana: hundreds of militars, endless checkups , 3-4 hrs. queues, lot of careful if you happen to go there.