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User Date Comments Rating 10-19-2013 10:37 PM I've been to 74 airports in 37 cities in 23 countries, and CDG is, without doubt, THE WORST. I have yet to find any airport staff that has any clue about what their job is or how to assist travelers. My only experience with lounges are the ones operated by Air France, and I can't complain about them too much, other than there seems to be an unnaturally high percentage of unruly brats running around in the AF lounges, making rest, work, or relaxation impossible, since the lounge staff does nothing to stop them. But the airport itself is a major disaster. Connecting to other flights is a nightmare, but the biggest nightmare is security. Rude, crude, stupid, nonsensical, incompetent, uncaring, untrained are some of the words that come to mind to describe them. Avoid this place like the plague!
alimb 08-17-2013 2:42 AM Les aéroports de l'ex-Union soviétique étaient bien mieux que CDG
martininon 04-24-2013 6:35 PM Hostile, rude, ignorant and discriminating security staff. As a disabled woman I was today humiliated and made to hop some12 metres on one leg in an undignified way in front of other passengers and staff all because of an outright rude, uneducated and discriminating security woman at terminal 2F who had no idea about how to screen someone with artificial limbs. On top of it all when I asked to know her name so that I could report her, she refused to tell me and walked off. Her colleague then tried to make matters even worse by only defending her rudeness and lack of any knowledge at all of disabled persons differences, dignity and right to be respectfully handled. At the end of it all I was trembling and in tears. Not one of those horrible insensitive ruthless mental midgets had the decency to apologize for their stupidity and absence of basic common courtesy and respect. An horrendous experience - as a frequent traveller, I have never come across anything nearly as bad as this, and I am almost always made to go to a cabin to be examined. The stupid cow even started to pat down my body, without warning or asking me, even though the metal detector had not sounded, with me all the while trying to balance on one leg after a very long flight and no sleep. These people are in the stone age in terms of having any idea about human dignity. I was so disturbed by this that I had to lock myself in the public toilets until I could get my tears under control. Shame on France for being so backward. Shame on a country I have always loved.
KlimachPaula 04-10-2013 12:26 PM This is an airoport to avoid. I travel often between the United States, Europe, and Africa, and this is the worst airport that I have ever had the misfortune of using. The security officials did not know what to do when confronted with my medication, although a written description was provided by my doctor, in french, english, and german. They harrassed me over my medication and did not bother to read the certificate for my medication. They were also extremely rude. I am definately avoiding this airport.
Grmany 03-14-2013 9:07 PM What a nightmare, like hell on earth.Never again!!!!! Chaotic, unfriendly staff, Dirty. Because of 6cm snow in 12hours staff didn't come to work, gangways are frozen and fly's are cancelled. Had to stay for 42h over night, 1 free Drink the whole time, very poor food in plastic, no Chance to leave france. At the end we rent a car for driving back to Germany . if you want to feel like Tom Hanks in Terminal and if you want to tick out and driver crazy than visit CDG with Air France.
Atlasseo 03-2-2013 2:51 PM This airport is horrible ! avoid it !
jppignol 12-29-2012 6:55 PM A very scary airport. Very unfriendly personal, seeming to bring all their home issues at work. The best place to miss a connecting flight. Not to mention if you need to change airport. I generally re-route to Amsterdam or Frankfurt and avoid this airport.
revrot 12-15-2012 3:16 PM Paris CDG has to be one of the worst aiports anywhere - incredible given that it is the main national airport for a 1st world country. Chaotic, confusingly laid out and signposted. Avoid it if you can.
gsnizzl 11-30-2012 11:37 PM Terrible airport. Unfriendly staff, delays etc.
rollercoasting 08-11-2012 8:26 PM CDG is humongous, and because of that, it isn't hard to get confused or lost when making a connection. That being said, signage is generally good, airside shuttle buses are reliable (if a bit slow), and security moves quickly. My experiences making 90 to 120 minute connections have been virtually issue-free (even my checked bag arrived at my destination on time!). My last flight departed from the new Terminal 2E M gates, which is a very aesthetically pleasing area to explore if you have time, though food options are limited. The biggest issue I have with this airport is that it is time consuming to constantly have to be shuttled around, going from the arriving jet to the terminal, from terminal to terminal, and sometimes even from the terminal to the connecting flight. As long as you plan ahead, the airport itself isn't bad. It seems to be uncooperative airlines that cause most of CDG's issues.
TwanLaan 08-9-2012 1:20 PM CDG is usually rated very bad - we had a good experience however.
mpm 08-6-2012 2:22 AM Check in very chaotic with poor layout and confusing flow. Took a long time to get through immigration and security and once in international transit area there was little to do (shops, restaurants). No showers. Airport was clean and well connected to train station (incl high speed trains)
swp65 07-4-2012 4:52 PM The worst experiences ever...avoid if you can
ptkj1875 07-3-2012 8:52 AM one of worst airport in the world.
AntonioTorquemada 02-10-2012 2:40 PM This airport is one of the worst I've ever used. Very dangerous at night, unfriendly staff, extremely confuse information signs. Avoid it if you can.
Gian 01-14-2012 8:46 AM Wi-Fi, only 30 minutes free, airport which is considered "himself" high-quality! " Duty free", more expensive than in town! france, capital of gastronomy? certainly not at tha airport, horrible food for sandwiches, fast food and food-machines! Finally, difficult how to find the right terminal in the jungle of the gates and terminals! I think is one of the few airports that has forgotten the relationship between People!
KELGAVIN@GMAIL.COM 10-31-2011 8:55 PM security staff are notoriously rude. some of them have a terrible attitude
TimothyJones 09-2-2011 7:46 AM A bad airport for transfers: long walks and a risk of baggage being delayed to a later flight even when the transfer is not short. Good public transport.
FSEBIRE 08-26-2011 8:28 AM one of the worst layout airport in the world, take plenty of time if you have a connection there taxiing before take off or after landing can last 15 to 30 minutes
david.lloydowen 08-12-2011 6:00 PM In my opinion, the best airport (along with Schiphol) that I've used (800 000 km flown)
mapolan 07-24-2011 6:14 AM this big mess
Amjen 05-22-2011 2:20 AM Never really had problems at CDG BUT they should put true customs officers at the security check point, not young people coming from the poor cities not far from the airport who do not know what their job is and speak very bad French (no wonder they cannot speak any other languages). / S�rieusement, au lieu de mettre des stagiaires policiers ou des jeunes issues des zones d�favoris�es de Roissy et autres qui parlent tr�s mal, voire gueulent et ne se soucient absolument pas des passagers et du contenu de leur bagage sauf quand on a le malheur de les remettre � leur place quand ils jouent aux petits chefs... Je doute que ces amateurs soient � m�me d'emp�cher un terroriste de passer la s�curit�. Les taxes qu'on paie sont vraiment mal exploit�es. Donnez leur des cours de fran�ais, de maintien, de langage corporel et placez au moins un "v�t�ran" avec eux pour les cadrer ! Si j'ai envie d'entendre parler aussi mal, c'est au bled que je devrais aller, pas dans un a�roport international !!!
MelissaWilson 03-13-2011 12:38 PM Avoid flying in and out of Charles de Gaulle at ALL costs. I made the mistake of using it twice and I will never make that mistake again. I would rather pay for the entire city to take a taxi to another airport than to have to subject anyone to the nightmares of this airport.
kotejko 12-29-2010 11:46 AM I have been waiting for my luggage, lost in CDG, 8 days already. Nobody cann't even locate it. I had quite a chance to miss my flight because that guy at the transfer desk was showing pictures of his girlfriend to his friend not paying any attention to me even when I repeated 3 times that I had 10 min before gates closure. When I finally got my boarding pass (it took him those 10 min) and went to the security point, the other guy there just stood up and went somewhere, leaving several passengers who were trying to catch the same flight. It took us other 15 minutes to run through security and to get to our gates... And after that people wonder why they are always late... The worst airport ever!
David Whaley 12-29-2010 8:11 AM Although this has been our referred transit point between Geneva and Johannesburg for the past three...
gemmells 12-23-2010 6:19 AM Complete lack of information and communication. Flights cancelled without any explanation. My daughter has been stranded overnight having had her 5th flight cancelled! Total nightmare.
frustrated123 12-19-2010 7:02 PM If flying Internationally, make sure you arrive 4 hours before departure and also make sure you are in the right line to check in your luggage and get a boarding pass. The attendants who "know what they are talking about" please please make sure you know that you are in the right line!
cjtan 12-2-2010 8:08 PM CDG: A definition of a poor airport.
Narjes 12-1-2010 10:56 AM worst airport ever!!
howill 10-29-2010 5:49 PM Used airport for transfer from short haul to long haul, and found the process very easy and well signposted most of the time. Very impressed with the service from Air France
Chris67Green 10-15-2010 5:06 AM Prone to industrial action, badly layout out, generally dirty and expensive, unfortunately its difficult to avoid if you want to go to Paris.
daern 10-12-2010 7:11 AM Reading the comments here seems slightly odd to me. I'm a UK traveller who flys through CDG every few weeks and I've not really experienced the same issues as others here. Yes, there can be 30 minute queues through security, especially in T3, but I once waited 4 hours in the US, so there's not much to moan about there. Yes, baggage claim doesn't always work ok, but I've had less problems here than at most other airports. I'm writing this from one of the "islands" on T1 having arrived smoothly by the fast, efficient inter-terminal train. It was a short work and escalator to security (I had already checked which island I had to go to and, being moderately intelligent, was capable of following the clear signs). No queue at security, although had to endure a bad search (the lady was very friendly and quite apologetic at having to confiscate my deoderant can) and I fully expect my flight to leave on time, despite the reported "chaos" caused by the transport strikes in France today! Perhaps my expectations are lower than others, but I've never found CDG to be a particularly bad place to travel through and I've had fewer problems here than at many other airports - especially US ones. Vive la France!
baxter1 09-28-2010 9:44 PM Sorry, the rudest and worst possible Airport and staff. Next worst is Frankfurt.
tom.hull 08-29-2010 6:48 AM This is an awful airport. Transferring from a local to international flight is a grim experience, as the security wait is an hour or more. Once you are past security, there are no passenger amenities to speak of - no restaurants, bars, lounges, etc. This is the worst developed country airport I have ever been in.
jjkatter 08-15-2010 1:39 PM Had the Germans encountered Charles Dugal airport during their invasion in WWII, the French would be the subject of Hitler's genocidal rants rather than the Jews. Perhaps this is the way the French exhort Americans to stay away. It sure worked for me...
Roger Cespedes 08-11-2010 9:21 AM I dislike this airport because: -Bad sings to arrive counter desk registration -elevetor not working, I lift my two bagage upper stairs to meet the check-in counter. - All people are very rude, no nice, no kind, not good client service, too agressive. Paris have similar people. What happend with this country???
VIP71 08-4-2010 6:36 AM I used this terrible messy airport once; first and the last time. Nothing works there and of course they lost my luggage.
sp4301 07-24-2010 11:01 PM What a mess! Who designed this place anyways?!?
marchah 07-12-2010 11:15 AM Connections are terrible, with hundreds of minutes lost in corridors, buses, whatever... Definitely the worst airport in Europe, probably the worst in the World. A travelling frenchman
bentparrot 05-16-2010 6:45 AM Yeah, y'all, CDG sucks. The runways are in Brussels; the terminals are in Paris. The Boston marathon is less strenuous than the trek from a gate to immigration and customs. After flying 10 hours across the pond I'm ready to crash. But why rag on the people! They only work there. When are you so-called travelers going to realize that only about 5% of the world speaks English? Anyone here who is over fifty, should speak sufficient French to "get by" in any French speaking country. It was the language of diplomacy, and you probably learned it in the Forties, Fifties, or Sixties. Use it! By the same token, you should speak enough Spanish to function as a traveler in Latin America. Nearly 40% of people living in the USA speak it. Why don't you try! I have to wonder about some of you Americans (and Brits) whose English and grammar are so poor, that it is hard to believe English is your native language. Yet you criticize those who don't speak it. I can understand other Europeans and Asians whose first language is not English, but, who nevertheless found CDG lacking and tried to express their sentiments accordingly. But Americans, wake up! You sound like a bunch of cry-babies!
mishpaha 04-29-2010 1:21 PM i am going to Amsterdam. As a result of ARR&DEP from CDG, transferring thru Madrid. Between commands screamed in French, dour demeanors when everyone on the flight was obliging (coming from Czech Republic), and acting like Prussians (as a result it was unbelievable what they let thru & how many people had to return because carryons were left in an effort to leave the area...
dinkamason 04-17-2010 8:08 AM this airport like all other european airports is horrible. no one speaks or wants to speak english. Food is over priced and there is little variety and quantity for money is poor. People ar NOT helpful and help desks are rare and no one seems to know anything. For a country like France that criticises the US for everything there is NO representation of its non white population. It is extremely RARE to find a non white senior or junior person in positions like check in desks immigration flight attendants transfer desks etc. the only place you'll find them is as cleaners. its disgraceful. Non whites are treated very badly by the white airport staff. If this were not the ONLY way for me to get to my destination I would NOT fly through this airport at all
engelundgeister 04-15-2010 7:54 PM If you enjoy being totally lost...with people who are less-than-helpful, and unconcerned about directing you...If you like being singled-out for a pat-down, a bag search, and testy responses to reasonable questions...If you like wandering for miles, until everything is a BLUR...this is the airport, for you! I passed through CDG, twice, of necessity, just this past January. I am retired, a woman in my mid-60's, travelling alone, and rather looked forward to this stop, on my way to Munich. However, it was a dizzying experience...which left me with the age-old, bigoted impressions that I have heard about "France", and "the French"; things which I have never believed, or tolerated. If there was as much "customer service", as there are armed soldiers, in evidence, at CDG, the entire airport would be a world-class pleasure! Unfortunately, it is a poorly laid-out "chamber-of-horrors"!
DRicherby 03-3-2010 8:15 PM Awful. The only way to find your way around the terminals is to go to a first-class check-in desk (no queue, you see) and ask because the signs are abyssmal. Today, I landed at Terminal 3 and wanted to get to the mainline railway station. After a little while, the sign told me to turn right, in a place where the only option was to go straight on through an underpass. Do you turn right after the underpass? No! You go straight on and keep going straight on until you reach the regional railway station, at which point the signs disappear. This happens again and again. You want to go to location A, which is in the same direction as location B. After a while, the signs stop pointing you to A and B and only mention B -- you're left guessing and hoping. The railway station's hopeless, too. This is the main airport for international flights to northern France and yet, this afternoon, there were at most two or three trains an hour leaving the station, in total.
ariekamal11 01-13-2010 9:52 PM This is an airport to AVOID at all costs unless you like to miss your connection!! Sprawled out airport but small terminals, outdated and confusing. It took 20 minutes of taxing after landing to get to the terminal. The bus driver from termianl to terminal didn't speak French or English and was angry when passengers asked questions which terminal he was at! You have to look for a while to find the name of the ternimal on the wall.
lex2424 01-10-2010 4:19 AM Oh my, Oh my. Where do I start. I thought I had seen the worst of the worst. Reality is that my experience with this airport has forever changed my perception of France. At least I can now gleefully cross off this city from amongst my visits. This has got to be the WORST airport I have ever traveled through. Of the 20 or so airports that I have been in , this place sits dead last! I was using terminal 2F traveling with my toddler. The rudeness of the people was simply appalling. The poor signage did not help either. It took me one hour to locate the the shuttle terminal, after which it took another 30 minutes for the bus/ shuttle to come. I was late for my flight, but didn't worry too much since I figured that I'd still make it, given that a large congregation of passengers from my flight happened to be taking the very same shuttle. Well, we finally get to 2F, and I could smell disaster coming. As someone above commented, CDG will make you go through security twice. This is irritating, given that 100% of people with connecting flights have already been processed. It does not make any sense to ask of us to do so u have to pass through again. Keep in mind that one has to pass everything through security, in my case strollers, backpacks, laptops, belts and the toddler.......ok maybe not the baby. but stupid none-the-less. We finally get to our boarding gate to assess the damage. Alas!! the situation looks dire; akin to an open air market. Apparently the flight was canceled over an hour ago; information that would've been nice to know upon unboarding the previous plane, since it would have made it easier, by not having to rush. Anyway, the gate agent pleasantly hands us some meal vouchers( the kid is screaming by now) and I am thinking yum, how nice of them to offer meal tickets...... Oh Gosh, apparently, 2F has one eatery, the rest being fragrance, cosmetics, liquor shops. Seriously who planned this frigging place!! Naturally the 'one' eatery is crowded but I persevere on since I have to get some food. The attendant at the 'shop' upon discovery that 90% of is clientele was paying using vouchers, promptly goes on a tirade, informing us that we could not pick any desert, entree... etc but have to make do with canned pop, a horrible sandwich and a banana, even though the vouchers themselves have no such exceptions. Don't get me wrong, I am not spoilt, as you may think, I just call out BS when I see it. Anyway, a run down of the crap hole that CDG is follows below: No heat and air. It was freezing in January and it was disheartening to know that some passengers are sometimes forced to sleep in these terminals Two, counting.. two 'power poles' each with four sockets. Not bad you say? The terminal is packed most of the time so forget about the possibility of charging your laptop/ phone with purposes of informing your party of your impending lateness of arrival. Amenities, are generally bad. I mentioned that I had a toddler with me. With my flight not coming out for another 11 hours, it would have helped to have some changing tables in the toilets, or at least have a family bathroom like most airports do. Maybe a long stretch, but how about a play area? Email services cost 5 Euros for 30 minutes!! Ridiculous!! May I remind you that 90% of airports in the united states were offering free, speedy wireless access , through Boingo/ Google. Heck it costs 4 dollars to surf on-board airtran! Seating area is very limited. With the crowding present it was difficult to find a seating spot. Yep, even something that basic. The food is TERRIBLE. Again some might read me wrong on this one. I am not asking for a fish and fry section.As a matter of fact I prefer to steer clear of fast food. Everything I tasted came right out of the freezer. If you are going to charge 10 Euros for the sorriest sandwich I ever tasted, at least offer to microwave that darn thing. Seriously!! Screening is carried out unfairly, with no uniformity or orderliness in such things as boarding; be it, the shuttle, or the plane. It is my opinion that a lot of the French are NOT friendly. I have confirmed this from my encounter with many of them. Notice here, I am hesitant to provide details, as my data simply cannot allow me to make a general statement. Still, I am a firm follower of first perceptions and believe that airports represent the country in which they are in. From the obnoxiousness of the many idiotic, individuals who made absolutely no effort to express politeness , to the seemingly cold perception that one gets when interacting with them, this was a disappointing place. Very Very disappointing. ******BIGGEST PROBLEM****** On both legs of the trip, my luggage was lost, taking 5days each time, to arrive. upon investigation, I was informed that my luggage was being withheld at CDG days after I had arrived at my destinations, for absolutely NO reason. Before jumping into conclusions , consider that I take all my medication and gadgetry on my carry on. Only clothes go in the check it, so why they decided to withhold my luggage, inevitable ruining my holiday for ten days, remains a mystery. AVOID CHARLES DE GAULLE Airport by all means. I know I will never transit through this place again and NEVER step into this country again.
marjote 01-4-2010 3:51 PM This airport is a disgrace. Runways are miles away from the terminals (often need a bus ride to get to your plane !). Airport staff is slow or absent, and the place is generally disorganised. Immigration and security lines are long and poorly managed. No ATM once you've passed security, must be the only airport in the world with such a ridiculous policy.
absinthe_boy 12-19-2009 11:30 PM Bear in mind this airport is HUGE. I'm talking bigger than most major world airports. Transit from one part to another if you have a connecting flight or if you've landed and want to catch a train can take time. The airport is like a city in itself. But it does all work. Vive la France.
Angry business man 06-28-2009 1:08 PM Angry Business Traveller:
klanza1 06-24-2009 2:06 AM The recent renovations to terminal 1 have had little effect on its useability. It is still cramped, overcrowded and disorientating. Total line-up times AFTER check-in can be greater than one hour with often six to eight immigration counters open to serve the whole terminal at peak times. It is a disgrace for a first world country and should be demolished.
sambouri 06-17-2009 5:28 PM My child's stroller was broken on the flight from Toronto to charles de gaulle airport. I was unable to take the shuttle bus after completing my damage package form so I had to walk for 30 minutes.I used a dolly to push the broken stroller around from one end to the other. And once I got to my gate I was astonished by an officer being rude to me asking me why did I bring the stroller here instead of feeling for what I have gone through. He was rude and very, very impolite. He asked me to return the stroller back, he screamed at me and pushed it to the side. I have not enjoyed being in this airport and I will do my very best not to ever travel to France or have any connecting flights from this crappy airport. It is very sad to see that the airport employes people like this (no people skills). I asked for his name and he refused to give it to me. I would love to hear from anyone with has authority in charles de gaulle airport. Thanks for reading
jcsjcsjcs 06-6-2009 4:38 AM Not as terrible as Heathrow, but still: what a mess! Depressing and confusing. Always lost. No signs. Impossible to walk between terminals. French is the language of choice ("international" airport).When I fly Airfrance/KLM I go via Amsterdam.
bengti 03-5-2009 3:54 PM Did not like this airport. Arriving from Barcelona with 1:30 time between flights, should be plenty of time. After a long walk following transfer connection signs, I was led past the luggage delivery belt and out. I decided to talk a walk around, I wanted a restaurant. Took a look at the railway station, no restaurant only a bread shop. I decided to go to my terminal, 2G, which according to the map in the plane magazine had an off location. The signs showing 2G led me to a bus stop. A bus arrived and after a long ride of 5-10 minutes I arrived at this terminal. Also a security check must be gone thru, luckily no long queue. The staff wanted to speak French. I can read some, but not understand it. At normal airports transfer passengers do not have to pass security. There were no restaurant, only bread and coffee and similar was available. I bought chocolate at the newspaper shop. The 2G terminal is apparently new and meant for somewhat smaller planes, where the passengers will walk outdoors to the plane, á la Ryanair, but this was Air France, destination Gothenburg. So I passed the big CDG airport seeing some boring halls, but without seeing a restaurant. From the airport map I could see they exist in some big departure areas, but only for those with a boarding pass to them.
listerscat 02-28-2009 6:15 PM I had two experiences at CDG in the last month, on both legs of a trip to Hanover, Germany from JFK on Air France. This involved going from the international terminal 2E to the regional terminal 2G. Both coming and going were an absolute nightmare.... Where do I start... I had just about 50 minutes of scheduled transfer time in each direction. Both legs brought me to CDG on a mid-week late afternoon. On the incoming leg my flight was about 15 minutes late (not uncommon from JFK...). We waited for 10 minutes in our birth before the jetway driver showed up to open the plane... Once I had exited, I tried to get directions from Air France personnel who vaguely waived me towards one end of the terminal. After rushing at a break-neck power-walking pace on people movers for 10 minutes I got to the center of the terminal, found another airport rep, and they pointed me to a shuttle bus!!! After a further 5 minutes of finding the right poorly marked exit and asking various bus drivers to clarify their poorly marked bus routes, I got on a shuttle, waited another 5 minutes for it to depart, and ***ten minutes later*** was delivered to terminal 2E where I ran in and was promptly informed that my flight had already departed. I want to clarify that I am a very fit New Yorker, accustomed to walking very, very fast, and with a combination of this walking + people movers + jogging + no passport control wait (one bright spot on this leg, I guess) it took me about 55 minutes to negotiate the 2E -> 2G transfer... I had to wait 2 hours for another flight, which then had mechanical problems requiring a new aircraft to be swapped in meaning I was over three hours late to my destination, leaving my girlfriend twiddling her thumbs at Hanover... On my return flight I was prepared. Although filled with apprehension, I boarded my plane in Hanover and arrived at CDG ten minutes early! Wow! Ok... Great, I thought. I know the drill... Out I ran to the shuttle bus, having deciphered the cryptic terminal destinations on the bus route signs on my previous visit.... 15 minutes later I was at the shuttle stand at Terminal E..... Uh. I'm at E69. Where do I go? There were no markings on the several entrances in different directions available at the shuttle stand. I entered the closest one, and proceeded to wander through Terminal E in the vague direction of gates higher than 30... I found an airport rep, who gestured me up an escalator. I found another rep who gestured me toward a security check-in... What? I already got controlled on my incoming flight... Ok.... So, after my boarding pass was checked I was motioned to a specific line. I went through the cue for a while, and as I approached the security que I noticed a sign (not visible from the entrance to the que) that said that my gate was not behind that security control... Ahhhh! I backtracked to the beginning of the que line, flagged down another rep., and they pointed me down another corridor... I had just gotten all the metallic objects back in to my pockets (while speeding down the corridor), when I ran in to another security control checkpoint... This security checkpoint was the most invasive one I have ever experienced. They made me take everything with a wire out of my bag (I'm a computer tech/gadget freak... *lots of wires and shiny things.....*. I had to boot my laptop, take *everything* out of my pockets for a patdown (even though they didn't wand me), etc... I thought they were going to cavity search me... Mind you, this was *after* I had already been controlled at my originating airport. I have never had such a poor security experience, even at JFK or LGA. After more than a ten minute delay at security (despite no line), I was aimed down a kilometer long hallway, at the end of which was..... not my gate. I had to go back to near the cecurity point and go the opposite direction. I was beginning to think that the airport personnel were deliberately misleading me. After about a kilometer and a half of walking I rounded a turn and found an Air France staffer yelling "New York!!?" I nodded, and she radioed the gate, I got there along with two other out-of-breath people. Then, in one last insult, a security officer *again* asked me to open and boot my laptop *at the gate*. This is the most miserable air-travel experience I've ever had. The signs, personnel and security at CDG are abominable, redundant and ineffective. The layout of the outlying terminals is very poorly managed and the whole place has a "wandering in the wilderness" feel. ***** A V O I D T H I S A I R P O R T A T A L L C O S T *****
wimbach 01-20-2009 1:12 PM thanks ! I missed my connection twice and it took me 2 HOURS to passed immigration !
Burningbush 12-19-2008 8:56 PM This airport is horrible. I went to Paris once and im NEVER x 10000 coming back to France. French are addicted to smoking you cant pass one terminal without staff smoking under NO SMOKING signs. Sorry French but you treat Americans like trash might as well spit in my face. As soon as you speak english they treat you like trash. In Paris it's as bad as it is in the airport I actually got called a stupid american Paris people are rude and selfish. Never again am I go to France expensive and worthless.
Zuckuss 09-16-2008 6:39 AM Terminal 2F, jesus... my god it sucks. Glass ceiling that offers little protection in regards of heat shield on a sunny day. Ventilation almost non existent... Pier layout designer should be punished firmly. Center of pier is occupied with crap cafés that you won't buy anything from anyways since the ques are to long. On both sides of occupied center are "walkways" that takes you passed the gate areas, it's very narrow. When flights are about to board naturally human nature feels compelled to stand up and and que effectively blocking of the walkway. I personally witnessed 2 gates, one on either side of the center, experiencing problems boarding at the same time resulting in a complete block of the entire pier for all people wanting to access gate areas further down the pier since walkways were blocked by queing people. Excellent design and proof of thourough research....
byggfukt 06-17-2008 10:05 PM Once again I was there in easter this year. Terrible, the worst I ever experienced. I prey and prey and ask my agent, dont send me to this airport. Build a new one as soon as possible and look to Schipool.
mzunguhozru 06-4-2008 7:38 PM It is difficult to imagine what an airport and a country could do to make an international transfer more sterile and unwelcoming. 4 hours in terminal E is a lifetime. No bars, no restaurants, just a couple of snack bars serving stale sandwiches. Even the shopping, what little there is except for perfume. Surly hostile staff;. even the rest rooms close 3 hours before final boarding of flights. An example of french hospitality at its worst!
barbra34210 06-3-2008 3:59 PM Avoid CDG at all costs!!World´s worst airport.
hopeton 05-30-2008 4:41 AM My flight over memorial day weekend on US Airways was tainted by my experience with flight attendant Florian and the lack of good service provided by him and support by the station manager Marie.
tkap 04-19-2008 1:56 PM The worst I ever experienced again
pab 04-1-2008 1:37 PM the worst airport I know TO BE AVOIDED BY ALL MEANS
paigepersad 03-31-2008 11:20 PM I'm honestly surprised at my relatively positive experience at CDG. Of course, I only passed through and then it was a rather slow Sunday morning. Our plane arrived at 2D and our connection was in 2E. I needed some information on my connection that wasn't on the Departures board. I asked an Air France rep and she got the information to me quickly and politely. The lounge was clean. Most of the seats had the annoying immovable arms between the chairs, but there were a few stretches of three seats without arms between them, so a person could lay down. In addition, there were only about five or six very comfortable chairs that resembled real lounge chairs. There were children's play areas with TV's, and there were pay Playstation3 terminals. The internet stations were pay (of course), but the automated machines only accept Euros and not credit cards, which I found inconvenient. Food outlets were scarce and served little more than sandwiches. (I would have liked to eat a cooked meal, as we were traveling from the Middle East to the USA which takes about 24 hours, but oh, well...) The woman who served our food spoke English and was a bit slow, but wasn't rude or nasty with me. I liked the architecture, and found it peaceful and restful. I've read the other reviews on this site and others, and found that people generally hate this airport. With this in mind, I had really expected the worst from CDG. Perhaps they've cleaned up their act?
maylan 03-11-2008 12:13 PM worst airport worldwide! Try to avoid it!
GBF1693 03-1-2008 5:10 AM By far the worst airport ever! It was smelly, inconvenient, and the service there was a total bitch!
zaid.jassim 03-1-2008 9:50 PM one of the worst I ever experienced
kannanag 02-11-2008 8:34 PM 18 th century airport, need lots of update. Not a good hub for international traveller, especialy if you do not know French. Good air port for porks.
tieum 01-3-2008 3:32 PM This airport is terrible and the "new" 2E is the worst: 1h to get the luggage delivered, 1h at the counter to get checked-in, all stores in the waiting area closed, packes in a bus that waited 15 minutes in the cold before driving us to the plane. This is really a shame and give a bad image of France to foreigners. Like if French officials did not want anybody to visit Paris.
colinrn 12-15-2007 3:45 AM CDG was used to transfer into and out of Europe. This is by far the worst airport experience I have ever endured. Beginning with very poor or non-existent signage, one follows the crowd to the transfer area which is nothing short of out of control chaos. Passengers obviously concerned at missing their connections are scurrying under the passenger control barricades to reach the required terminal gate, while hundreds of others are queing up at the official security points. Airport officials are most unhelpful when asked for advice, and failed to control the situation. The toilets are disgusting, the seating areas are totally inadequate, and the place is generally dirty. Having passed through this airport twice in the space of 10 days, both visits were pretty much the same. In future, I will do everything in my power to AVOID FRANCE and its main airport. This place is really the pits. Sorry France, you are doing yourself no favours with this airport.
Mogens 12-6-2007 8:09 PM CDG is a candidate for "World's worst airport" - if you disregard certain African airports. Unfriendly and arrogant staff. Inefficient staff. T1 is a joke. A BAD joke!! It looks like it has not been cleaned since opening in the 70's. T2 impossible to find your way around. The reason for the crowds in T2 is probably that everybody is lost! Don't even attempt to ask any staff for information! And don't never ever try and transfer between terminals unless you have an extra week's holidays.
dinosawus 11-20-2007 11:24 PM CDG T2 looks pretty but does not work. As many here have noted CDG is a very bad airport for transfers because of the terrible bus service to connect the various terminals 2A - 2F. If you land at 2E but your connecting flight leaves from 2F you will need to wait for the bus to arrive then travel to 2A, 2B, 2C... wait while the driver chats to his mates while your next flight takes off and you arrive at 2F 1 hour later even though its only a 10 minute walk apart. Totally Crazy. The staff at CDG know this and are as frustrated as the passengers. It is very important to complete a complaint form and hand into the information stand so that management will open their eyes to the problem. I feel most sorry for the French people who have been cheated by the architects and planners.
segab79 11-12-2007 11:28 AM JUST TERRIBLE !!!
ctb11365 10-28-2007 5:44 AM Love the city, hate the airport!
pascal75 10-13-2007 6:52 PM One of the most messy airport I have ever seen! The #1 european interconnection hub... I really wonder how they can make it, because it is probably the worse airport to connect with... The only positive point is the opening of the brand new Satellite 3 of the CDG2E terminal which is full of light and clean. It's a miracle Air France can work so well with such a hopeless "working tool". Let's hope the privatisation of Aeroports De Paris will make things move in the right direction. It is high time!
cvamee 08-31-2007 9:10 PM And we thought the French were rude! Just wait until you fly in and out of CDG. They must have all had their start by working at this airport. Nasty place with rude employees. I've had better times in EWR.
adrvoic 08-24-2007 3:22 PM Personnel very unpolite, they talk and talk... They are moving extreemly slow which results in long lines. It seems that the local "franciliens" do not mind to wait for hours in any occasion. Bottom line: take TGV to Brussels or Amsterdam airports and avoid CDG airport whenever possible.
piskoto 08-14-2007 3:20 PM Worst airport in europe. very rude people...
CRoigk 08-12-2007 9:03 AM For a major hub airport, CDG offers pretty short walks. Very good connectivity to TGV and Thalys trains. The iarport terminals slowly show a sign of ageing, however the concept is really good for an airport of this size.
nclflyer 08-4-2007 8:23 PM Why is there virtually no signage in Terminals 2d and 2f????
mark-t 07-29-2007 4:36 PM Best advice is to avoid this airport if at all possible.
carolb 07-26-2007 9:11 AM worst god damn experience of my life, rude staff, who let you say what you need, then say they can't speak english, don't know they way round their own airport, and genarally ignore you , took 1/2 hour to get off plane onto the bus, then held on the bus 1/2 hour at the terminal, not enough signs to help you find the way between terminals...guess what missed connecting flight, resulting in overnight stay at the airport t hotal ....and theres another tale. I will never travel through that airport again
brentborg 07-20-2007 4:07 AM Very difficult to find anything e.g. spent over 45 minutes trying to find ground transport to downtown Paris. There were no signs, and no one to ask directions in T 2F - I found the ground transport departure point by accident.
weji13 07-2-2007 9:03 PM CDG T1 is the subject of many jokes and horror stories. Prior travels to Pairs, we landed at T2 (contrary to many reviews, we had only good experiences). BUT T1 IS A WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY. Lots of construction, areas with few or no restrooms, dreary, and very, very confusing. -Yikes- even the folks who work there get lost, so ask directions, but be sure to get a second opinion before committing to a preStar Trek age beige tunnel or plexiglass tube. Signs are quite ambiguous. Allow extra time if you land here, and be sure to bring a compass.
topituuk 06-13-2007 4:52 PM Lousy airport in nowhere with no services with no capability to accommodate for delays nor some late minute shopping. RECOMMEND TO AVOID WHENEVER POSSIBLE!
IC PLUS 06-4-2007 6:43 PM Terminal 2E is wonderful, well designed and very beautiful modern architecture which fits very well with the other older terminal. Unfortunately 2E has been closed for long time, because it collapsed partially few months after the inauguration. Usually Air France force you to get connection with only 50 minutes between the two flights. It seems to be good on paper, when you can really get the connection, but do not expect to have your baggage at arrival. The handling is very poor, they ALWAYS lose baggages if you have a short connection.
jhwnmo 06-2-2007 2:09 AM Tres mal, amis! A thousand time yuck! The airport is filthy and the terminal layout is bizarre. That said, the staff is always friendly (compared to those at US airports). If you're flying in on an international flight, be prepared to wait for a bus rather than a jet way. The customs area is under construction that seems to progress not at all.
mkuuskoski 05-8-2007 8:35 AM This airport is a completely mess. I use it only if I need to go to Paris, I avoid changes planes in Paris if at all possible.
bwhite1234 05-1-2007 12:59 AM Arrived by Air France 747 to terminal 2. 45 minute wait upon arrival for stairs and bus. Thank god we were at front of the plane as the folks in the back probably had another hour wait for the 30 minute bus ride around the airport to passport control. Baggage took another 30 minutes. For departure we arrived 3 hours early and made the second last shuttle bus out to the plane due to excessive lines and waits at nearly every queue. Would suggest arriving minimum 4 hours before your departure if flying to U.S.. If your flight leaves before 11 AM stay at or very near CDG the night before. Loved Paris and France but next time we'll avoid CDG.
KMD 04-30-2007 8:38 AM Awful place
first44 04-21-2007 12:28 AM If ever there is an airport to avoid, it's CDG. DO NOT ATTEMPT a connection with less than 2 hours. I have had to fly through this abomination every year on DL from ATL going to OSL and return. Going through security twice with enormous lines, nasty people, a lack of common courtesy, and just a dirty airport make for a miserable experience. And, of course, if you're flying to the US you get "shuttled" out to your airplane -- at least until the terminal that collapsed is finally finished. Avoid CDG at all costs. If not, don't say you weren't forewarned.
pjnewby79 03-30-2007 9:41 AM CDG (Terminal 2) rates as one of the worst major airports I've been through. The entire place seems dreary and dark - partially because it is, and partially because the people that work there let you know that it is. All of the public areas are far too small and completely uncomfortable. I have only been in one worse airport... Rio.
PaulJBoller 03-23-2007 2:38 PM Terminal 2B must be the worst designed terminal of any airport in Western Europe. In 42 years of international travel, I have never encountered a terminal in which arrival and departure passengers must "dump" into the same area and pass through the same passport control - Simply ghastly.
lebreri 03-22-2007 2:11 AM I am ashamed to be french when i see how bad they are...
pankow 02-26-2007 10:12 PM Needs a good, thorough clean, especially the toilets, many of which seem to stink (literally). Catering needs improvement as well- my child got food poisoning after eating in one of the restaurants. I didn't, but then I've got a strong stomach that has been used to Third-World food. Traveling via CDG is about as pleasant as going via LHR (i.e. not very).
zivodal 02-26-2007 7:32 PM Definitely not the best in Europe. Lags behind its European competitors in particular on the cleanliness and availability of restrooms. Least to say. Service from staff is usually well below average, in particular with airport security who tend to be easily rude.
zainb 02-19-2007 9:49 AM The WORST transfer experience I have EVER had. Took 1hour 30mins to get from Terminal 2A to 2F. There was a near-stampede for the transfer bus when the first one arrived after 30 mins, and that was a small bus inadequate for the several hundred people waiting to transfer. No personnel were present to regulate the crowd. No information available about whether a transfer on foot was possible. Children, mothers with babes in arms, elderly, all pushed and shoved in the melee to get on the bus. Most people around me missed their connection. Once arrived at 2F, long queues at immigration desk, including EEA passport desk. And finally, just a single x-ray machine working at security before the gate at 2F, so that took another 45 mins. In all, the transfer took more than 2hrs 30 mins. I WILL NEVER FLY THROUGH CDG AGAIN.
fiorinacjoshi 01-30-2007 7:44 PM CDG is pretty good , makes most US airports look shabby and inefficient, as far as french ground people attitude , compared to the US security and immigration glowering and reudeness , the CDG folk are postively brilliant
esalard 01-24-2007 1:49 PM just in the middle of rating, I saw betters airport s(houston, amsterdam, san francisco, madrid), but "ugly" also (heathrow, roma, linate)
smckinty 01-24-2007 11:26 AM Horrible place to layover. Uniformed airport staff smoking under No Smoking signs. No showers, not enough seats, restaurants or shops, no way to kill time. Welcome to Paris.
pjgmgg 01-5-2007 6:36 PM terminal 2 : Departure check -in area and arrivals : Overcrowded especially near the arrival halls which are at same level as departure halls , very poorly lit ( one light in two in the ceiling is permanently off , concretewalls ,no touch of colour , no carpeting , ridiculously small and overcrowded seating areas .There are very few shops , no pharmacy, no entertainment areas , no kids play area ( except for a pharmacy and some shops in the underground areas between the terminals) ,In the gates areas there is very litllle or no carpeting, dirty floors , poor signage , improper management of queue lines . The immigration ques are inot well managed . The EEC counters is with the same queue as the non-EEC ,The customs officers dont' mind if the panels are not followed. which means that EEC including French citizens have to wait in line behind immigrants from Asia and Africa and the rest of the world. This airport is depressing and the people inside look depressed and sad. This is giving a sad image of France to the incoming crowds. It is outdated , There should be a huge size increase to widen the spaces and increase the shopping experience. The lounges are too small and overcrowded.
HESM 12-12-2006 1:55 PM Not bad for the French