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taveshala 06-13-2013 5:38 AM Needs more informative signs; free smoking area at lobby hall
chosoninmin 12-17-2012 10:50 AM For a large international airport such as Soekarno-Hatta, it's a shame to see it's deteriorating condition today. The toilets could use a bit of clean up and some of the lounges are in need of a makeover. But since the concourses are very close to each other it's really easy to move about, and the airport officials are always there to help. Again, it isn't the best but it isn't the worst airport either (that goes to LAX).
sontex 09-16-2012 1:57 PM Avoid this place if at all possible
rezamaha 06-9-2012 3:17 AM should make a rennovation in the near future so many airline like Air berlin have land in this airport .Thanks
wiwi210872 11-23-2011 9:59 AM very interesting hub. I hope, they will expand much more in the future.
randhimiftah 04-3-2011 4:11 AM I am quite often come to soekarno hatta airport, customs ques is so long, the exit gate is confusing, because there are two gate each terminal. careful with the un-uniform taxi driver, he will yelling TAXI..TAXI.. SIR, careful with this guys. when come to jakarta, make a airport pick-up service so the hotel staff will pick you directly.
thirafi 12-23-2010 8:30 AM Jakarta is very dirty
docturbo 10-30-2010 5:19 AM The honest truth, Jakarta Airport is dirty, corrupt and disgusting from the parking lot, check in, immigration, customs, visa on arrival. The original design was interesting, a bali or java structure using modern material. It is a shame that the airport is so poorly managed, only Bali is worse
fala8 10-29-2010 4:17 PM Rather dirty and unkept. Too many taxi touts harassing you on arrival. Also too many touts offering presumably stolen watches/items when we are in the restaurants. Many loafers are also present during night and day, sleeping or lying on the seats and benches in the lobby areas.
Namibalex 05-13-2010 9:19 PM a airport which come complete i the year, means old, the architeecture design is nice typical indonesian style, but the rest is not in new world standard, the passport controll, the VISA Purchasing office, the baggage claim, the baggage handling are very pooooor, to much people run around(long fingers) well the accomodation, restaurants, and shops are inside and outside in a terrible standard could be renovated(airport have a lot money through taxes), then the payment of tax for Indoesien Citizen - real bandit corrupt money burgelaring(better I cannot describe it)
ronnymetal007 03-22-2010 10:39 PM need improvement.
bytez 11-17-2008 2:30 AM Flies everywhere in the restaurant, humid. I don't feel good with the local transit - baggage scan on airport entrance was crap, not up to standard, seats not comfortable and the announcing speaker's too soft.
fredric_fd 02-21-2008 4:09 PM The immigration officers love to rip off foreign people's money, who came for their first time to Indonesia, esp. Chinese. who dont speak English nor Indonesian well. Immigration queue can get so chaotic. Departure toilets are super dirty!
gsunarja 08-9-2007 9:16 AM Worst airport in the region
rkidley 05-8-2007 9:49 AM I have used CGK well over 100 times and find it OK. Generally it works pretty well, though of course it does not compare well to its neighbour in Singapore (but I much prefer it to my local, London LHR). Immigration people can be a pain and sometimes look for bribes but a polite smile & refusal has always worked for me. You can pay to get into one or two of the business class lounges, useful if you have a long wait. Starbucks also has nice armchairs. If you are arriving I recommend Silverbird taxis - nice taxis, bigger that the usual ones, better service.; they have a special waiting area. Bluebird Group taxis are also good. Avoid Prestasi taxis. Avoid taxi/car touts who approach you, most overcharge or worse. All taxis charge 8000 airport tax and about 8000 toll road fee into the city on top of meter fee; this is normal, not a trick/ripoff. Toilets are not as good and clean as the rest of the airport.
mike8057d 03-23-2007 9:12 AM Immigration is corrupted - out-right asked for money.This is not a good first impression on the country. Must clean up the system and the people. Otherwise, it is a functional airport.