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moabsunshine 10-5-2010 2:30 PM This by far is the nastiest airport we have traveled into. I was afriad to touch anything and WHAT is with the lack of moving walkways.
linhtwu 05-1-2010 1:05 PM Easy to get in/out of. Great domestic direct flights due to CO hub. Poor direct international flights (basically non-existing other than Canada and Mexico. Seasonal direct service to London Gatwick.
Drnjbmd 07-26-2009 2:49 AM This is a very nice airport for Cleveland. Flights generally get out on time and excellent access by car. Rental cars are off site and off site parking is a better value than on site.
Jack222 03-28-2008 1:25 AM The most memorable part of flying in and out of Hopkins is that the airport has probably the worst rental car set-up of any airport in the USA (I've been a United 1K for 3 years running so I've been to enough airports to know). You stand in line outside the terminal in the rain to wait (and wait and wait) for dirty, run-down busses with rude drivers who would clearly be doing something else, the luggage gets piled in a giant heap in the middle of the bus aisle because the racks aren't big enough to hold everyone's stuff, and people are miserable because they're crammed in on top of each other for what seems like an endless ride. It's really a shame because CLE has a lot going for it as an airport and Continental has a good hub there with a lot of convenient flights, but the rental car operation really gives the airport and the city a bad name (as if the city needs it).
larryp518 09-18-2007 9:16 PM This is what a good efficent airport should be run like. No frills, just get er done and do it nicely.
ArnoldCarson 09-12-2007 3:30 PM Good airport for international transfers on Continental. Easy transition from plane to baggage to immigration and customs to baggage transfer to security and out to the terminal itself. Terminal is clean and personnel are friendly and personable.
GRNMTN 09-7-2007 8:36 PM Offisite rental car service very slow (30 minutes from landing to rental car counter) and expensive (local fee of $9 to ride the shuttle bus, which is charged by the rental car companies). Airport signs to find rental car location are not adequate and I listen to stories of people who were lost each week riding to the airport in the shuttle bus.