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newkidtown 07-7-2014 18:57 Drove two hours to CLT to eliminate one leg for my family's trip. To my surprise even TSA was nice there. There's construction on the parking lot through 2014 and that makes parking a bit difficult but it seems that they had prepared for that.
SLYFAX 01-28-2014 20:23 I used to look forward to changing flights or coming through the Charlotte airport. It has expanded with so many flights you may have to get off the plane outside and shuttle to the far end of E terminal, which seems closer to downtown than the center of the airport. Over time, the human aspect of this airport has disintegrated. There are WAY too many carts shuttling people around. The center of the airport is a big scattered mess and somehow the cart drivers seem like the rudest anywhere - and there are many of them. The restroom attendants are puzzling. I just need to use the facilities, I don't want to leave a tip every time I zip. If the restrooms were actually spotless and cared for by these attendants it would be different, but I've passed through many times and seen things in the toilets that are disgusting. The WIFI? Too many people at once and the thing slows down to a crawl - on top of that signal strength in some areas is nearly non-existent. Still a fan of the rocking chairs - when you can find an open one it's great. I'll not tell my secret, but I do score one every pass thru CLT. I do miss the days only a few years ago when the Charlotte airport was a delight.
waspboy 12-10-2012 02:51 excellent i currently work for an airline at another station and when i fly i do all my training there and connect when i fly for personal reasoned. i love how its set up and everyone is so nice. i hope to even transfer and work here one day
RAQi 07-21-2012 15:45 Horrific experience! Our flight was delayed and then cancelled right before we were suppose to board. They apparentely had been canceling flights all that evening. We wait in line for an hour and thirty minutes to get assistance then all the rooms are booked. It's 0200 now. The staff was like there is nothing they could do but give us a coupon for the discount to a room. We could sleep in the baggage claim. Our flight was booked till the next two days. We had to beg to let us go to another airport that's an hour away from our original airport. Then they declined giving a voucher for the rental car which is a must to get to our car. No vouchers for car, room, or food. Not even an apology for inconvenience. Purely disgusted with how they handled an unpleasant experienced and it even worst
ZachLagops 04-12-2012 16:05 The other reviewers have clearly never been to JFK or ORD, because I have and this airport is a dream compared to them. And is sure as heck better then PHL. If you are on a connecting flight you do not half to go through security again, you can get your baggae and head for your next flight. USAir is OK, just pray you don't half to deal with their customer service(if they actually have any because it seems like they don't) But other than that USAir actually leads the major airlines in on time performance so its an OK airline in my opinion. My only complaint is that I wish USAir had more international flights here because I hate having to go to PHL.
tkap 03-22-2012 02:30 I wish to have from Charlotte,NC connection on international flights to Easter Europe
dougedoug 01-11-2011 14:24 Slightly better than the "average" big airport.
ramiros98 12-17-2010 02:29 walks from one area to another are endless/hate this airport just like i hate us airways lousy customer service
wazee13 07-2-2010 15:18 If you're a smoker, you certainly don't want a layover here!
dgieser 02-4-2010 22:09 Baggage handling for flight terminating here is terribly slow. It's not the airport's fault, but Charlotte has some of the highest taxi rates I have ever experienced. If you are not going downtown within the flate rate area, expect to pay a lot for a cab.
yvrsyd 04-28-2009 20:45 Security lines generally reasonable. Very good non-stop service to many destinations. Prices have come down from previous "highest in the nation" status of a few years ago. Good parking availability and frequent reliable shuttle service to terminal. Once needed help with dead battery, and help arrived within 5 minutes of telling one of the shuttle drivers.
David4223 03-17-2009 18:34 Excellent airport. Variety of food options, some shopping. Security is excellent -- professional, courteous and efficient (hardly ever a long wait). Keep up the good work! Best of all -- a non-smoking airport!
procron 01-15-2009 23:18 Worst airport in US! Smoking areas in restaurants are adjacent to concourse so entire airport smells. New gates are quite a hike so keep your walking shoes handy.
ibkidd37 10-15-2007 18:00 Was in CLT after a 4-hour ground hold in DC, missed connection to West Palm Beach, had to go to Ft. Lauderdale. Baggage did not catch up w/ me despite nearly 5 hour layover, US Air is the worst. A/C not very efficent when many people go into smallish area, Coustomer Service desk overhwlemed (500+ people, easy).
adstewart 09-27-2007 13:35 I love this airport. I connect through CLT anytime I can. It a beautiful airport, best of all its a smoking airport.
Allie 08-26-2007 10:36 For a connecting flight this airport is fantastic. The distance between the gates is not too far and it is very logically!!! You don't even have to go through security when in a connecting flight. That is just amazing!! A big variety of food services and coffee places.
bkane 07-25-2007 22:30 Once through security, you have access to all secure areas and terminals without needing to pass through security again.
conviro 06-9-2007 14:45 The flight monitors were not correct, my flight was not listed after delays, if I had used customer service (100+ in lines), I would have never found or made it to my gate. Even the gate had the wrong flight listed. I had to call friends to look up information on line. With all of the delays at airports today, to have no smoking inside the terminals is ridiculous!! There should be at least one closed room on each concourse for smokers since to go outside, you must go through security which takes too long and doubles the lines there. I used to think CLT was a good airport to travel through, but my last experience was a nightmare!!