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dilushasg 06-1-2013 3:02 AM best airport in the region
lakyanu 02-5-2013 7:56 PM v.v.good
shareekahamed 06-18-2012 6:20 AM Best Airport
RIYAS717 12-26-2011 6:22 AM best in asia
matti_b 09-2-2011 11:16 AM This is my least favorite airport ever visited. The toilets smell really bad and the immigration staff are extremely rude. Check in is a nightmare as people will continually push in and then claim not to understand when you ask them to move.
rukshan1015 08-30-2011 10:43 PM Extremely slow immigration with Very RUDE immigration officers
LiamPG 06-18-2011 12:09 AM This is quite honestly one of the worst airport experiences I have endured. Extremely slow immigration process entering and worst still exiting. The land side offer is very poor and reminds me of a small regional airport not an international airport. Prices differ depending your nationality in all retail and hospitality outlets. The toilet facilities are short of disgusting for an international airport. The authorities will certainly need to lift their game if they are to bid for the Olympics
malith 12-14-2010 7:20 AM Everything is properly managed, great...
dhilu102 12-3-2010 7:33 PM It is the best airport in the world 09-4-2010 5:42 PM Average according to other south asian airports, lot could be improved with a better attitude
AM1026 07-24-2010 11:40 AM Nice and friendly staff.Entrance/exit from the terminal is not very impressive. And toomany gun totting security guys everywhere.
PrashanYaha 07-9-2010 2:07 PM This is the best Airline I have ever seen
spspspsp82 04-6-2010 7:33 PM poor service, not even an own website. there is a website.but its not working
peaking9 05-23-2009 8:24 AM Long customs queue otherwise it's a nice airport.
jafletcher 02-20-2009 8:32 PM Overall a clean airport, with average facilities