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kaarlows 11-13-2012 1:37 AM The airport is absurdly far from city center and it only counts with taxis or buses as means of transportation, which due to traffic condition on busier times can easily make a trip to downtown be greater than 1.5 hour. The baggage handling on arrival is very slow, specially on international flights. The snack options are overpriced and not many options are available. Due to distance from downtown, taxi is very expensive.
Richthofen 08-22-2011 8:52 PM Already running over max. capacity. Needs urgently more space for passengers and plane to increase the capacity untill 2014, otherwise the 2014 Soccer World Cup will be logistical desaster, not only @ CNF, but all other airports in Brazil!
rodtye 09-8-2007 10:36 AM Running below capacity, so quick service and plenty of space