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HB69 01-22-2012 12:03 PM I only use this airport for flights to Amsterdam as it has scheduled flights with KLM. Apart from that I fly from Bristol or Heathrow.If you like a quiet airport this is for you,More staff than passengers!
crwydryn 01-22-2011 9:37 PM An amateur airport. Main problems: the only ATM is in departures; often the only hand scanner for OLCI boarding pass is broken - you have to go back downstairs to checkin queues to get regular pass; dirty toilets; stairs up/down/up/down/up down. �2 non-refundable for a trolley; Public transport irregular, starts late, finishes early. No taxi rank, just a shed where you may have to wait for ages; very confusing entrance by car - �2 for dropoff! Immigration queues not clearly marked; the rows of immigration staff and customs look intimidating, waiting together with arms crossed (Welcome to Wales). It's difficult to imagine a less customer-orientated management - obviously not one of them has tried to get a trolley, find a bus or get a taxi at their own airport.
Nantllwyd 11-6-2009 8:57 AM All long haul have been removed to Bristol etc and we are left with the Hi-di-Hi resorts and flight times-- Where are the flights to the Carabean, Far East. We now have given up and will fly from else-where, although we only live 10 minutes from Cardiff Airport. When there are any good flights & times you bump up the charges compared with other airports
thehawthorns 05-26-2009 7:43 PM Very poor choice of destinations, need more to France, carribean &USA.
A1rigger 02-17-2009 9:12 PM Check - in and immigration staff very curt and officious. Very few flights operate out of this airport and public transport links are very poor. Terminal buildings are quite modern but very small. No shelter outside if waiting for pick-up.
wanderer 01-31-2009 7:15 AM Used it so many times to access this planet. Far better than driving to Heathrow. It's OK and it's trying to improve. Would be even better if we excluded the shell suit brigade.
boardwalker 04-29-2008 7:23 AM Improvment has been made since TBI ran a shocking airport - but still a long way to go.
StusComputers 04-19-2008 3:40 AM You are given no help butbasically spat on if you are picking up disabled travellers the security personel have the attitude not our problem. they are as un helpgul as can possibly be and could well be the downfall of the airport with destroyed luggage.
wigwam1 12-27-2007 4:32 PM It is a pleasure to travel with short security lines and it is a great little airport to get back home from. You are normally able to be back in your car within 10 minutes of landing if hand luggage and 30 minutes is checked bags. The small and personal atmosphere makes you feel like a passenger and not another number.
maesydderwen 02-13-2007 10:37 PM Need to significantly improve the number of airlines using the airport. Many local customers have to use Bristol for cheaper fares and long haul locations. All aircraft using Cardiff have a very high payload even with a high pricing policy which shows there is a major demand for additional flights from the airport which is certainly not being met.
di 01-2-2007 7:20 AM The rudest airport ground staff I have ever seen in 50 years of flying-did not permit disabled passenger to access disabilty vehicle