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abdullah2 04-9-2014 8:15 AM Worst airport I have ever seen. I have visited lot of poor countries but this airport is the poorest not because of money, it is poorest because it has nuisance people/gov/authority.
shuvod2k 02-14-2014 9:50 PM n/a
akmasif 05-30-2013 10:42 AM 3rd class airport.
neluco 11-12-2012 5:39 AM The worst airport I have been. Dirty, messy, noisy, lacks basic services. Extremely slow baggage handling and check in. Awful access.
rafee619 07-25-2012 9:58 PM Today at 2:30 am...i saw EMIRATES AIRWAYS is going... but when i came to check that in flightstate, EMIRATES AIRWAYS WAS NOT LISTED THERE (DEPARTURE LIST) Again when i saw REGENT AIRWAYS GOING at 3:45, Again i checked, there was no REGENT AIRWAYS listed in the Dep list.. what the hell is this...dont you even make it right?
rafideesha 12-22-2011 9:41 AM That's the greatest Airport I've ever seen.
Donald-X 11-6-2011 7:24 PM A very poorly organized and dirty airport. The services provided are quite mediocre as well. As well as that the number of flights operating is too low for an international airport. The only good things about the airport are the wireless internet availability and parking facilities.
alan69u2 07-7-2011 10:34 PM excellent overall
ShahriarAlam 03-27-2011 6:37 AM Clean & nice
foyez01 11-26-2010 6:23 PM Best in south asia...
pcbabu 03-20-2010 8:57 AM Excellent Service...
max1816bd 03-4-2010 4:44 PM Government should be more corncerned about the passenger security and comfort. Especially in Immigration counter and baggage claim system delay.
salvibd 01-9-2010 2:06 PM If you believe it or not , this airport is excellent among south-east asia Airports'. But not comparable like Malaysia or Singapore or New York or Tokyo. Please Visit any airports like any southeast asia airport than see the surprise!
melbourne_gordon 01-6-2010 11:58 PM definitely the best in the indian subcontinent.everyone was friendly and service was good.i am satisfied.4 out of 5
andy07 01-6-2010 11:55 PM great service...great facilities
raider 09-18-2009 12:59 AM cannot belivee this is a international airport, should be more like a local airport
kith9rz 05-11-2009 8:45 PM the domestic terminal is very small but other facilities are execellent
pakpass009 05-9-2009 10:04 PM dhaka city has a very nice airport like zia,really awesome
anam1099 05-9-2009 10:01 PM not bad
sue 22 05-9-2009 9:57 PM Clean , tidy, generous, friendly, good
alister kim 05-9-2009 9:45 PM This airport is very nice and clean. Most of the airports in the Indian subcontinent are very dirty, but this airport in Dhaka is exceptional. It has a good number of flights and the staff are very friendly. The baggage handling was quick. There is a nice café and the view from the café is awesome but there should be a control on the taxi service. This airport is far more better than I thought….4.5 out of 5
rashed 03-28-2009 10:57 AM good
Aideenkhan 03-22-2009 2:37 PM This airport is bad at times. When too many airlines land at this airport the baggage claim service is poor. There should be more restaurants so people can see aircrafts land and takoff.Internet conectivity should be more advance
sbasak 01-28-2009 3:45 PM The worst airport i have ever been to. Very bad customer service by the airport agent and security. Won't give any information unless you give them a bribe (money). Specially if you hold an international passport the agents nail's you big time on any little thing like. Ex. if your baggage weight 1 or 2 kg more, they nail with a big fee and wants to be paid with US dollars only. I'll avoid going to this airport unless I have to.
man_infodesk 08-12-2008 5:34 PM The people who run this airport should not be allowed to work anywhere near an airport. They are a digrace to the country and should be severly punished for their efforts!
sabbirhasan 10-8-2007 10:03 PM This is the most dirty airport of the world