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pswanson 03-5-2014 4:08 PM Connecting thru Reagan airport was a pain; had to use US Airways shuttle bus to get from plane to terminal and then another to get to gate 25! 5-10 minutes standing on the bus each time while it was waiting to fill, each time. Annoying. Almost missed my flight. Would much prefer to stretch my legs and walk the short distance between gates! I do not like this airport. Reagan the president was lousy, also.
MrKnight 01-10-2013 7:35 PM Easy to get in and out, nice looking terminal, great for plane watching with floor to cieling windows, good dining and shopping options. GO DCA!!
andrew.mrls@yahoo.com 01-10-2013 7:03 PM It is always a pleasure flying in and out of DC, especially via Terminals B/C. The airport is very clean, modern and well laid out, it is incredibly close to the city center, and is easily accessible via public transportation. By far one of the best airport terminals in the country, too bad there are so many FAA restrictions that limit growth of new routes at DCA.
c172drv 06-1-2009 3:13 PM As a pilot I see lots of airports. This one has it benefits and its challenges. Benefits are the slot restrictions that help keep the airport on time. Challenges are the location of the airport for ground transportation makes it difficult to get to during rush hour driving. The individual terminals have some food. If you have to switch terminals then you have to go through security. That can be a difficult proposition. TSA is also a challenge. They don't seem to scale well to the demand.
mournighan 11-9-2007 12:42 AM Runways are too short and too narrow. Too many flights to same destination at a given time N/S runway should be extended at least 2000' to the south NW/SE runway should be extended 2000' to the SE
ferrellt 10-18-2007 1:11 AM A great airport if you fly into DC. The short runways make for a thrilling takeoff and landing. I love the open architecture and its clean. Only complaint is delays as they seem to close the airport when the sky clouds over and curfews limit some flights.
United737522 09-30-2007 4:34 PM There is a lot to do in DCA. I have no problem on layovers of an hour or more going outside of security to eat or shop. The security lines are very efficient and the TSA personnel are VERY professional and know how to do their jobs. They do not 'stand around' as many say.
cvamee 08-31-2007 9:18 PM Ok for an older, crowded airport. Stay away from Usless Air (US Airways). The old part (south of main terminal where Eastern used to fly out of) is pretty good.
zachg22491 08-25-2007 2:51 AM DCA is a nice airport, especially in comparison to IAD. If you are traveling to/from the Washington, DC area, use DCA if you can. It is much simpler to use and so much closer to the city. Delays can pile up pretty easy, especially in the afternoon. Delta terminal has few dining options-only 1 really.
jaboy7788w 07-3-2007 12:59 AM very colse to my nana's house and good fares most of the time
mburrows 06-20-2007 9:18 PM One of the few old airports to transistion successfully. Could use a better anchor carrier than US. Facilites for commuter equipment are awkward at best. Jitney to commuter ariplanes can add more time than the flight time.
waterinthedesert 06-10-2007 5:53 PM Clearly the airport of choice for anyone living in the District and flying a domestic route!